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Weight Watchers Treats & Snacks Under 5 Points

Weight Watchers Treats & Snacks Under 5 Points that will help you stay on track

This week in our 52 Weeks to Wellness series, we are sharing with you some of our favorite Weight Watchers Treats & Snacks Under 5 Points.  Not only do we have some great items already here on this site for you to try, but we are also going to include some basic treats you can pick up in the store to supplement your daily point allowance.  Check out this list and work these into your daily meal plan by including them as snacks, breakfasts, sides and bonus treats when you are doing great with your wellness plan.


      • Nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
      • Granola bar or cereal bar
      • Nonfat frozen fudge bars
      • Sugar free Jell-O or sugar free pudding
      • Hard boiled eggs
      • Egg White Omelet with lots of fresh veggies
      • All fresh fruits
      • All fresh raw vegetables
      • Progresso light soups
      • Light string cheese
      • Light mini Babybel or Laughing Cow cheese
      • Oscar Mayer oven roasted turkey breast luncheon meat (5 slices)
      • Sugar free whipped topping with fruit
      • Fat free flour tortilla (small 6″)
      • Hummus with fresh vegetables

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It is really important as you work toward improving your health to always be prepared with good and healthy choices of snacks and treats.  When doing Weight Watchers, you aren’t limited in what you can eat – only how many points per day.  By keeping some of these great and tasty snacks on hand at all times, you make it much easier to stick with your plan.  Creating a healthy diet plan full of nutrient dense foods each week will help you to be successful in reaching your overall health, financial and emotional goals this year.  By getting your body to a healthier place, you will improve your emotional health – and likely improve your financial health by preventing further costly medical expenses.

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