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Types of Sugars Used For Baking

Types of Sugars Used For Baking

Here are the Types of Sugars Used for Baking. Have you ever read a recipe and had NO idea which type of sugar it was referring too?  There are several types of sugars used for baking.  In case you didn’t know I wanted to share this information with you. It may help you out the next time you are baking.

Types of Sugar for Baking:

      1. Powdered Sugar – also called confectioners’ sugar.  Sugar that is crushed and screened until it is like a powder.
      2. Dark and Light Brown Sugar – is granulated sugar with molasses added.
      3. Sparkling Sugar or Sanding Sugar – Coarse white crystals that are prized for adding sparkles to baked goods.  Also added to glasses of fruity drinks.  Adds crunch to baked goods and sweetness to drinks.
      4. Turbinado Sugar – amber colored sugar with a mild cane.  This kind of sugar is sprinkled on scones and pastries.
      5. Granulated Sugar – is beet or cane sugar which has been processed, allowed to crystallize, and then dried so that the crystals do not clump together. Most often referred to as table sugar.

    I hope this information helps you when you are baking.  It is important for you to use the correct types of sugar as it can effect your recipe.

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Types of Sugars Used For Baking

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