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Top Diabetic Supplies You Need

Top Diabetic Supplies You Need. If you are facing a diabetes diagnosis, you may not know what to do or where to begin. We’ve given you some tips already, but this list of Supplies for Diabetics is going to make a huge difference in your comfort. There are tons of great tools out there, but these three are a must for every diabetic.

Top Diabetic Supplies You Need

Being a diabetic isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. You just need to know what to expect and to always be prepared for the future. We already shared our Tips for Handling a Diabetes Diagnosis, and now it is time to share some of our favorite supplies to make it easier.

A quality glucose meter

Checking your blood sugar every day is a huge part of taking care of your diagnosis. You need to know what foods are elevating your glucose, as well as if medications are working. Most recommend checking your blood sugar at a minimum once per day. If you are just starting out and trying to learn how to eat the right way, that may be up to 3 times per day. If you are on insulin, you will be testing at least 3 times a day to determine the correct dose of insulin.

The most popular brands can be expensive, but I recommend the True Metrix brand at Walgreen’s or Rite Aid. Another excellent option is Walmart’s Reli-On brand. The meter itself is not as expensive, but the strips themselves will be costly when testing multiple times per day. Most insurances will pay for one meter, but will not pay for more than once daily testing. So, you will want something that is affordable for you

Glucose tablets

Even those who are Type 2 will have lows that occasionally result in needing something with sugar fast to elevate blood sugar levels. A glass of juice is most often the preferred method of raising blood sugar fast, but that isn’t always possible. Another option is to grab glucose tabs to always have in your bag.

A food journal

Have I mentioned that controlling your blood sugar is almost always about the food you are eating? While medications make a big difference, food intake is the biggest part. Learning how your body reacts to foods is how you will learn the best foods to eat. Some people cannot have any grains without a blood sugar increase while others do fine with moderate grains as long as eaten alongside protein. A food journal is how you learn these things.

These three items are must-have diabetic supplies. There are literally hundreds of diabetic supplies out there that people invest in, but these are the ones everyone needs no matter where they are as a diabetic.

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