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How to Clean Make Up Brushes

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

How to Clean Make Up Brushes. Here is a scary fact for you.  Did you know that bacteria are living on your make up brushes? It is! Your make up brushes are prone to all sorts of germs and bacteria when they come in contact with your face and if you don’t clean them, it can lead to infection and a host of other problems. The best way to prevent this is to get into the habit of cleaning your make up brushes regularly, so they stay clean and sanitized and can deliver best results. Here is how to clean make up brushes right in the comfort of your own home.

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

What you will need:
Baby shampoo or gentle face soap
Warm water
Paper towels
Your make up brushes


1. Begin by running the bristles under warm water. You only want to get the top half of the bristles and avoid the base. If you get the base too wet the bristles can slip out from coming unglued. The best way to do this is have the brush face downward. This way water runs onto the bristles and down into the sink.
2. Once the bristles are damp, put some baby shampoo or gentle face soap in your palm. Take the brush and dab it into the soap. Gently swirl it around the bristles have a change to get coverage from the soap.
3. Continue swirling the brush so a gentle later is worked up. You will want to do this for about 3-5 minutes. Be sure to get in between the bristles and pay attention to any heavily caked areas.
4. You can now rinse the brush. Use warm water again and point the brush downward so water and run off goes into the sink and not into the base of the brush. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear and no soap residue is present.
5. Gently tap the brush to remove excess water. You can now dab it gently on a paper towel to continue to remove moisture. DO NOT pull at the bristles or use heat to dry them. This will only damage them.
6. Lay the brushes out flat on a towel for a few hours so they can continue to dry. If you have any brushes that are excessively dirty, you will want to do a second wash. Otherwise, one should be sufficient.

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

So how often should you wash your make up brushes? About once a month should be good, unless you are extra hard on them. You should toss make up brushes once the bristles become loose or it is too hard to remove build up. You should also consider washing brushes if you have been sick, so that you can remove any germs that may be present.

Keeping your make up brushes clean is not only great for your brushes, but great for your health too. Give these tips for how to clean make up brushes a try and see how easy it can be!

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