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Subway You Share. We Share. & Help support Make-A-Wish

Share your weekends with Subway and give back - Subway You Share. We Share.

Subway You Share. We Share. & Help support Make-A-Wish. SUBWAY Restaurants located in USA & Canada are joining forces with several charities to give back to the local community.  From now through August 31st, more than 7,800 local SUBWAY Restaurants across the US and Canada are participating in the “You Share. We Share.” campaign to help support different charities. When we were asked to promote this campaign on behalf of SUBWAY Restaurants we immediately said YES! We are so excited to be partnering with SUBWAY to share with you this way to give back to your community!

Subway You Share. We Share. - Help support Make-A-Wish

Subway You Share. We Share. & Help support Make-A-Wish:

The “You Share. We Share” campaign encourages you to get out and share your weekends with SUBWAY Restaurants, and SUBWAY Restaurants in the Cincinnati area will share right back by donating a percentage of weekend sales, up to $40,000, directly to Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana.  As locally owned and operated franchises, SUBWAY Restaurants are excited to be able to further its commitment to the local community.

This is a great way to give back while dining out.  If you are like me and you are always on the go in the summer stopping for a bite to eat at SUBWAY Restaurants is a great way to eat fresh while on the go. You can use the store locator to find a local restaurant near you.

Subway You Share. We Share. & Help support Make-A-Wish

In Cincinnati SUBWAY Restaurants are partnering with Cincinnati Make-A-Wish.  This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  Make-A-Wish® grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength & joy.  I have a dear friend whose daughter Maddie was diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile ovarian cancer who had the opportunity to visit Disney World through the Cincinnati Make-A-Wish® chapter.

Maddie's Make-A-Wish Trip

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. On average, they grant a wish every 38 minutes and have brought the power of a wish to over 13,000 children since opening their doors in 1983.

Maddie's Make-A-Wish Trip

They believe that a wish experience can be a game-changer. A wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their life-threatening medical conditions. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals say the wish experience works with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and even physically. The wish process also helps strengthen families by allowing them to feel “normal” again and stay focused on something other than treatments. Learn more at www.oki.wish.org.

Maddie's Make-A-Wish Trip

I asked my friend Angela to share her families Make-A-Wish experience with us.  She said, Thanks so much for doing this post about Make-A-Wish, an organization that is very dear to my heart. My favorite quote, although I’m not sure who said it:  “When we find gratitude, we escape misery regardless of our trials. When we lose gratitude, we find misery regardless of our blessings.  This really summarizes how she feels about Make-A-Wish.

When we find gratitude, we escape misery regardless of our trials. When we lose gratitude, we find misery regardless of our blessings
Life can be messy, uncertain, and filled with so many emotions. It’s when we are going through our hardest trials that we learn who we really are, and what our kids are really made of. We can choose to be sucked into the dark hole of sadness and fear, or we can choose to find the tender mercies, the love of others, and gratitude for the opportunity to grow from our experiences, which can be really hard to do.
Maddie's Make-A-Wish Trip
For us, Maddie’s Make-A-Wish trip was about closure during a really hard trial – something that changed Maddie’s perspective on life, for the better. For a lot of families, a Make-A-Wish trip is filled with last memories of a loved one, their smiles, and a twinkle in their eyes. It’s a chance to enjoy “normalcy” – without doctors, needle sticks, and all the difficult situations that these brave children endure. Our family is very grateful to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the volunteers, for helping us create so many fun memories, and for all they contribute.
Maddie's Make-A-Wish Trip

Please join us in in supporting SUBWAY Restaurants and give back to your local community by participating in the “You Share. We Share.” campaign.

Subway BloggerImage Cincinnati


Disclosure:  This blog post is part of a paid Social Moms and Subway blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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  1. What a great cause! It’s so cool seeing big companies giving back to communities. I have family in Ohio so I’ll send them this link. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am the biggest fan of Subway as I love their fresh and healthy approach to food! When we are on holidays, it is our #1 place to stop and it makes me feel good to read that Subway also supports generously to the Make a Wish Foundation! A great charity worldwide!

  3. What a great initiative!

    Your photos made me homesick ; -) Subway in Europe isn’t anything like Subway in the States, it’s about 3x the price to start and the sandwiches are so skinny and the menu is adapted to local tastes 🙁 I fantasize about American Subway almost as much as Taco Bell and Red Robin!

  4. I absolutely love that Subway is holding a campaign to donate to charities! We usually stop at subway when we are going out for the day and need something quick, easy and not fried to eat on the go. I’ll definitely make it a point to eat there a few more times than normal at one of the local ones that are participating in this program!

  5. Make a Wish is such a wonderful organization – I get teary eyed when I watch or listen to stories about the kids that they have helped. It’s really nice to see Subway jumping in to help. I love supporting companies that show responsible corporate citizenship!

  6. We love stopping by a Subway store when we are on the road. My family loves their sandwiches. It’s so nice to know that our favorite sandwich store is doing a campaign to give back to the community. I like to support campaigns like this.

  7. That’s so great that Subway is donating! I love it when a company does that. My family loves Subway! We usually go there when we want to eat out somewhere.

  8. I was so confused at first, because we just had Subway this weekend. This initiative was not posted. Then I saw, Cincinnati. Gotcha. Make a Wish is such a positive organization. Kudos to Subway for giving back.

  9. The Make A Wish Foundation is a long standing organization that has done tons of great works. It’s honorable that you’ve been apart of this process along with your family. Subway is another great company, with tasty food I might add, to pairing the two gleans nothing but a win. Thank you for sharing this story, I hope it’s motivation for others to get involved.

  10. I love that Subway gives back. What a great way to share the wealth with others. i’m going to look into what they give back to in my area so thanks for giving me the links!!

  11. Oh wow. I had no idea that Subway ever did any campaigns like that. It’s nice to support organizations that have a social conscience.

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