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Stress Free Vacation Packing Tips

I hope these Stress-Free Vacation Packing Tips help you! I know that people travel all year long but, spring and summer seem to be the most common times when people hit the road for Family Vacations. Trying to get everyone’s things in order and not forget anything can be pretty tricky sometimes. Even when I start packing early, I still manage to forget so many things in both my bags and the kid’s bags. That is why I have started to make a checklist for any vacation we take.

Stress Free Vacation Packing Tips

Stress Free Vacation Packing Tips

List Sections

To make packing easier, I always divide my list up into sections (ie: Mom, Dad, Kid 1, Kid 2, Bathroom Stuff etc.…). This makes packing so much easier because I know what I need from each section.

Packing Order

I pack section by section. It doesn’t matter what section you start with when packing it just keeps me focused. Aside from keeping me focused it means that I am not running around the house grabbing things for each person. When I do that, I am just hoping that I have everything for everyone.

Helpful Hints

  • Start making your list a few weeks before you plan to start packing. This gives you time to add things as they come to mind without feeling rushed.
  • Pack for an extra day or two just in case. Road trips can be unpredictable sometimes so knowing that you have the extra items can be comforting.
  • Bring all medications in their original packaging or bottles. If anything happens having the original labels can be helpful.
  • If any of the kids are old enough to follow their list and pack themselves, be sure to check their bags before they are set aside for the trip. Sometimes, I even sit with my oldest to make sure she doesn’t add a crazy number of random things.

Pack Early

Start packing about 7-10 days before the trip. By doing this, I find that myself and my family are more likely to have the clothes we want to bring clean and ready to pack without having to rush through laundry before we leave. This also gives me time to make sure that I don’t forget things that may have escaped my mind while making the list.

Doing all of these things will help to make sure that the whole family feels more relaxed for the upcoming trip. If everyone was able to take their time getting their things ready, they can feel more confident in knowing that they grabbed everything they had planned to being as they had ample time to write things down or, add them to their bags.

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