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Tips for Traveling at Christmas

Enjoy these Tips for Traveling at Christmas. If you are considering a vacation during the holidays I have several tips to share with you. Consider a multi-generational vacation. It is a great way to go! We have traveled several times during Christmas.

Tips for Traveling at Christmas

The first time I thought I would miss the hype of hosting the holiday at my house until we traveled. It is so much fun and takes all the stress out of the holidays! Just pack your bags and let someone else cook for you!

Tips for Traveling at Christmas

My family went on an amazing vacation to Hawaii for Christmas. It was the trip of a lifetime. We left relaxed and soaked in the Aloha spirit. If you haven’t been to Hawaii I consider it a travel bucket list destination. The Aloha spirit is truly like nothing else I have ever experienced.

Tips for Traveling at Christmas

Tips for traveling at Christmas

  1. Don’t decorate your home – I did not put up my “big” tree or overly decorate my home because we were not going to be home for the holiday. It was so nice to not have to pull everything out. We honestly used this as a measure to see if we needed to put up as many decorations in the future.
  2. Don’t purchase gifts – This was hard to wrap my head around at first but in the end we kept a small budget of $50 per child and did exchange only with our kids. By doing this we saved a lot of money that we used for the trip instead of on gifts.
  3. Take advantage of Christmas décor while traveling – We looked for decorated tree’s, photo opportunities with Santa and gingerbread house displays while we were traveling. It saved us from having to spend the money and we still had the chance to enjoy.
  4. Book in advance – Christmas is a popular time to travel. Make your reservations at least a year in advance. Especially if you are booking a trip to Hawaii or abroad.
  5. Take lots of pictures – Take pictures, make memories and enjoy every minute together. Our trip to Hawaii will remain one of the most memorable trips we have ever take or will ever take because we had all of our family together.
  6. Set a budget – Decide how much you can spend and then make your plans based on that. Often times you will forget some expenses so you need to be sure that you think of shore excursions, photo packages, drink packages and more.

Tips for Traveling at Christmas

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Tips for Traveling at Christmas

I hope these tips help you with your planning! Regardless of where you go you will enjoy creating the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Tips for Traveling at Christmas

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