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Sensitive skin can be healthy skin with simple solution



Sensitive skin can be healthy skin with simple solution. It is the time of the year. The leaves are changing, and fall is in the air.  I love the days of jeans, sweatshirts and boots.  What I don’t love is as the weather is changing and as it gets cooler you will notice that your skin may start to feel tight and dry. I often get “itchy” skin which is a sign to me that my sensitive skin is starting to feel the effects of the season.

Sensitive skin can be healthy skin with simple solution:

Last year I even noticed some redness around the edges of my nose.  By using the Simple Replenishing Moisturizer now, I can prevent that from happening again. It is easy to suffer with dry skin all winter long.  So this year I’m going to stock up early on the products I trust to get me through my most sensitive month and all year long!


Have you tried Simple’s products?  They are made to take care of the special needs of sensitive skin. I inherited sensitive skin from my Mom.  I often get blotchy when I wash my face or rub it too much trying to cleanse off my make up.  Simple Cleansing Wipes are able to gently lift makeup and impurities without rubbing—even the tough stuff like waterproof mascara! I seriously fell in love with these wipes as soon as I tried them.

The Micellar Water boosts skin’s hydration up to 90% and the Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover is gentle while hydrating and nourishing lashes for a healthy look and feel. And all of Simple’s products are free from artificial perfumes, colors and harsh chemicals, so it won’t upset your skin. Plus they are affordable!  Woo Hoo!  You won’t have to break the bank while you protect your skin with natural Simple products.  Right now you can buy 2 and get the 3rd one FREE!  Check it out at Walgreens.


Simple Cleansing Wipes:
Simple® Cleansing Facial Wipes are made of our softest fibers yet and are better at removing make up and impurities than ever before. With our Aqua-Lock™ technology, our wipes stay effective and fresh, even the last one!

Simple Replenishing Moisturizer:
Rich Moisturizer leaves your skin replenished and nourished all day long, instantly doubling skin’s hydration. Plus it’s a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with an added vitamin.

Simple Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover (3.5oz)
A two-part blend of cleansing oil and vitamin water that together effortlessly remove eye makeup, even waterproof mascara, while it conditions your eye lashes. Simple Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remove is gentle on sensitive eyes while hydrating and nourishing lashes for a healthy look and feel.

Chevron Print Gym Bag

I keep the Simple Cleansing Wipes in my work out bag.  They are perfect for wiping off my face after a good workout. I love how they remove the grime from my face and how I feel after I use them. This is a great to use to not only remove make up and impurities (like sweat) especially when you can’t jump immediately in the shower after the gym.

This month you can head to Walgreens and get three vitamin-rich Simple products for the price of two. Be kind to your skin and stock up on Simple at Walgreens!  It is a great time to save!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.

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