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Lenovo 2S All In One Daily Use Review

Please check out my Lenovo 2S All in One Daily Use Review. We recently shared about our initial thoughts on our recent Lenovo 2S All in One review opportunity with you.  A few weeks have gone by, and we’ve begun using this for more of our daily tasks and want to share with you some great things we have learned.  Today is our Lenovo 2S All in One Daily Use Review, because we know not only is it perfect for blogging with, but it is also great for doing fun things for our personal lives as well.

Lenovo 2S All In One Daily Use Review

Lenovo 2S All in One Daily Use Review

First off, the bat, I have to say how fun it is to have a computer that I can set up in my office at my desk and use just like a traditional desktop, but then quickly unplug and move to use in bed or at the couch for things like browsing on Pinterest for great menu ideas, or just playing a game with my son.  I love how the Lenovo 2S All In One goes from professional use to personal use with a simple flick of the stand on the back.  Did I mention the battery power is amazing?  It seriously holds a charge for several hours so it makes it even easier for me to move from room to room using it without worrying about dragging cords and cables with me.

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As we do a ton of menu plans here at Stockpiling Moms, I often find myself browsing what are popular recipes for each season.  We love creating Weight Watchers recipes for our readers, so that means I spend a lot of time looking for things that are popular that we can easily convert into a Weight Watchers friendly recipe.  Sitting down in the evenings and having this larger screen to look at tasty recipes on Pinterest with is so nice.  The big screen gives me a wonderful full view of the images and helps me decide what we want to feature next for our readers.

Lenova 2S All In One Daily Use Review 1

We have also discovered that the bright colors of the Windows 8 operating system are great for making sure I can easily see the apps I want to open. I love having the quick touch screen app for Facebook or Pinterest that I can quickly load without having to type in a website URL in a browser.  Especially when social media is so important for our business here on the blog.

If you are looking for sturdy, versatile and fun computer experience you have it with this Lenovo 2S All In One.  The name says it all.  You truly do have everything All In One with this system and best of all it is powered by Intel!

Would you be looking at recipes?  Or perhaps watching videos in your spare time with your Lenovo 2S All In One?

Disclosure: ‪I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

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