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Save on Unilever Men’s Personal Care Brands

Save on Unilever Men’s Personal Care Brands at Target. Often times guys have a difficult time finding the right personal care products.  Maybe because they don’t feel comfortable shopping for product for themselves (or don’t take the time) but it is often a shoot and miss.  Right now, it is all about March Madness! Before game day be sure to help the guys on your list find the items, they need to stay fresh before the buzzer sounds. We are sharing several Unilever Men’s personal care brands available at Target that make the perfect starting lineup for their grooming and hygiene needs.

Save on Men's Unilever Products at Target

Save on Unilever Men’s Personal Care Brands at Target:

Trying to select the right product for the men on your shopping list isn’t always easy.  I like to bring home a variety of scents and then once my son and hubby find their favorites then I know which one to stock up on when I find a great sale.  This is a brief description of each of the AXE Body Spray scents to help you when choosing the right products for the men in your life. These make great gift ideas to slip into Easter Baskets!

  • AXE for Men Apollo is a classically masculine, sophisticated fragrance with an addictive edge. Crisp notes of green fruits, sandalwood and fresh sage keep you smelling great.
  • AXE for Men Anarchy for Him is a rich, spicy fragrance that combines fresh and fruity notes. Sweet sandalwood and white, amber leave you feeling refreshed.
  • AXE for Men Dark Temptation is a subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn keep you smelling great.
  • AXE for Men Essence is a fragrance that captures your light and dark sides. A deep, woody aroma and a hint of oriental spice keep you smelling great.

Save on Men's Unilever Products at Target

When creating a personal care regimen for yourself be sure to go beyond the basic hygiene routine. Consider adding AXE Body Spray for Men to your routine.  My husband and son use it in addition to AXE Body Wash.  When it comes to hairstyle needs to be sure to try out a variety of AXE products.  Unilever Men’s Grooming products are the “Official Men’s Personal Care Products of the NCAA®”.

AXE offers gel, putty, pomade, paste and cream depending on what you prefer.  My son is a big fan of the pomade and gel, but it varies depending on the look he is going for.  I suggest having a variety of product in your bathroom to suit your needs.  You can even combine products to create your own favorite combination.

  • Gel – Medium hold that gives you a natural finish
  • Putty – Strong hold that gives a firm styling with a reliable hold that lasts all day long
  • Pomade – Medium hold that provides staying power to create hair that moves how you want while staying the way you put it without feeling weighed down.
  • Paste – Medium hold that gives you the messy look.
  • Cream – Light hold that provides a natural look


Save on Men's Unilever Products at Target

Right now, is a great time to save on Men’s personal care brands at Target.  From 3/25/18 – 4/7/18 you can score 10% off any AXE, Dove Men + Care, Suave Men, or Degree Men product on the Target Cartwheel app. This is a great time to try a new product or stock up on your favorites!

  • AXE Body Spray
  • AXE Body Wash
  • AXE Styling
  • Degree Advanced Protection Deodorant
  • Dove Men + Care Body Wash and Wash and Care

Save on Men's Unilever Products at Target

My son loves to use AXE Body Spray, AXE Body Wash and AXE paste and cream. These are his go-to products.  He always packs them with him while on the go for soccer tourney’s, so he is fresh and styling.  Of course he also uses Degree Advanced Protection Deodorant.  My husband uses no hair product (well since he doesn’t have hair). But he does use AXE Body Spray, AXE Body Wash and Degree Advanced Protection Deodorant.

Save on Men's Unilever Products at Targt

Tell us what is your (or your man’s) favorite Unilever Men’s personal care brands? Be sure to head to Target during March Madness to stock up!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by Mirum.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. What a great idea for an Easter basket for a man! I love the fragrance of AXE for Men Apollo. My husband doesn’t have a very well-developed sense of smell, so he lets me buy the products I think smell the best!

  2. Great to know. I’ve been looking for some good hair products for my son since he’s now in a phase of having long hair and right now it’s in the “in-between stage”. Mind you, he’s 5 lol but I pick and choose my battles. I’m on my way to Target now and will pick some Axe up, thanks!

  3. Oh yes indeed we are all excited about March Madness and our team is in the top 4! Yay! You are right – often men just do not think about these products. I know my son sure loves them! Older men more often seem to be the age that just do not look for personal care products.

  4. I love saving money on these types of products. Especially since my son things he has to use half a can of Axe body spray every time he uses it! Not even joking!

  5. My husband uses these products. I do most of our “personal” item purchases from Target. They literally have all of the brands we love and use. Going to take advantage of these great sales!

  6. I think the brand AXE has come a long way from when they first started out. Someone was telling me how they bought their body spray smell was deterring and too strong. They recently tried their products again and have been using them since.

  7. Now that my son is almost a teenager, I’ve been looking for more “grown up” products for my son. I have to be careful with his skin care products because he has sensitive skin, but I was thinking about getting him some Axe body spray that he can just spray on his clothes. I’ll have to head up to Target to get them while they’re on sale! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. These Axe products are appreciated a lot in our family. We use them very often. I am so glad to know that I can take advantage of the sale. Thanks!

  9. My son is a tween and I have been trying to figure out some easter basket ideas for him. These are great ideas, thank you! I will pick these up at Target before this weekend!

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