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Save on Pet Supplies at the Dollar General


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Save on Pet Supplies at the Dollar General. Did you know that you can purchase pet supplies at the Dollar General? Best of all it is a great way to save both time and money! I love how easy and convenient it is to shop at the Dollar General. I have actually been a Dollar General shopper for years. I started shopping at Dollar General with my Granny because she loved a good bargain, and she loved the ease that shopping at a Dollar General provides. By being able to park close to store and not having to navigate big aisles made this is a store that was one of her all-time favorites to shop.

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I have been shopping at Dollar General with Peyton for years too. I like that the store is small and there are not too many isles in the store. Plus, it is easy to park close to the door and load the car when we are finished shopping. We recently went shopping at Dollar General to purchase our puppies favorite Purina products. They sell dry/wet pet food plus a variety of treats and other pet supplies. Best of all if you want to spoil your pet at a great price you should check out the pet products too!

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If you are a pet parent, you should check out the #DGPetDash contest at Dollar General on Instagram.  Each participant will be asked to fill 1 Dollar General shopping bag with pet items from Dollar General and upload a picture of your haul to Instagram. The photo with the most likes will receive $100 worth of free pet food/treats from Purina in the form of (five) $20 Purina manufacturer coupons.

Dollar General Alpo Products are priced low and a great to stockpile!

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As you can see Smokey is a huge fan of Beggin’ Strips! He loves them!  Be sure to stockpile and save on Pet Supplies at the Dollar General and enter the fun Instagram contest.

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  1. I rarely shop at Dollar General, but it is good to know you can find just about anything on the store. I didn’t know that you can buy pets food there! How convenient.

    Your dog Smokey is so very cute! Are you participating on the #DGPetDash? If yes, good luck on the contest.

  2. Omgoodness, Smokey is just the cutest thing. I remember the days when I’d stock up on Beggin’ Strips. I really never thought about purchasing dog supplies and food at the Dollar General. Now all I need is to get a dog!

  3. I’ve not shopped at the Dollar General for more than a few gift bags here and there. Interesting they also carry food for animals. I had no idea. I certainly miss my Yorkies. We made their food for the most part, but I can see this as an option for many. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I always forget to shop at Dollar General for these kinds of things. I have two large dogs who love treats and their dog food! I will have to see what my store has to offer and what the prices are. I will add them to my shopping list. Thanks for the idea!

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