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Good Choices Made Easy With Nestlé at Walmart

Good Choices Made Easy with Nestlé at Walmart. I don’t know about you, but the holidays are in full swing and with that it means a jam-packed social calendar. There are days that we are double and tripled booked with activities, parties, and obligations. We could easily be tempted to eat out more this month without some menu planning. That doesn’t mean that every meal will be a homemade dish. Some of them are frozen foods that I can heat up for my family and I am totally fine with that. It is important when you are crunched on time that you can feel confident about the food you serve to your family.

We are so excited to share with you the Nestlé “Good Choices Made Easy” tool on Walmart.com. It makes recommendations on products and educates you on the quality of ingredients in products, such as no preservatives and no artificial colors or flavors. Best of all it is so easy to use! Prior to shopping when you are making your grocery list you can simply use the tool and it will highlight some of the great Nestlé products available at Walmart.

Matched with Walmart’s everyday low prices and by using the “Good Choices Made Easy” tool you will be able to select from numerous free-from options. Of course, you know I am gluten-free so that is one of the features I love most. It’s easy to feel confident about products you are buying for your family, especially when Nestlé offers “Good Choices Made Easy” using their product search tool on Walmart.com.

We used the tool and then headed to our local Walmart to select two of my son’s favorites! We had a surprise snow shower so stocking up for “dinner in” was something that we enjoyed.

Good Choices Made Easy at Walmart

First, he selected his favorite! The DIGIORNO® Cheese Stuffed Crust Five Cheese Pizza. This made me happy! I love that I can take a traditional Cheese Pizza and I can add a variety of veggies/meats to it to customize for everyone in my family.

His second choice was the NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder. He loves to drink it in the morning and with his pizza in the evenings for dinner. It is a nice way to start the morning.

I hope you enjoy using the Nestlé “Good Choices Made Easy” tool on Walmart.com. It is a great way to feel confident about the “Good Choices” you make for your family when shopping and feeding them. It will also help make your holiday season easier when you use it to menu plan.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirum.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. This sounds like a great tool. I tend to check labels and am always concerned about what is inside processed foods. This tool will come in handy when I’m ready to go shopping.

  2. Both of these items are always on our shopping list. My kids Love the Nestle mix….I do too! YUM! Love this great option from Walmart. TOnight would be a good Pizza night here, so chilly!

  3. Nice tool and so useful! I didn’t even know Nestle mix was still even out, congrats to Walmart for having such a great option for the consumers. Definitely will help when we shop and keep us educationed on what we purchase!

  4. Is this tool part of Walmarts App? I love their app and their savings catcher program, so this new feature sounds really great. I always need a little help when making better food choice. I don;t have time to read every label, so this tool will come in handy.

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