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Tips for Planning a Staycation

Tips for planning a staycation

Tips for Planning a Staycation. Spring Break is right around the corner.  Do you have plans?  If a vacation in not in the budget, you may want to consider a Staycation instead.  Here are some tips for the planning the perfect staycation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or go on a huge trip to have a great Spring Break.

Tips for Planning a Staycation:

1.  Make plans.  Even though you are not leaving for an extended trip you need to make plans, or it will just turn into staying at home.  Mark your calendar and make plans!

2.  Create a budget.  Decide how much money you have to dedicate to your staycation so that you can make your plans.  Be sure you stay within budget and don’t blow it all on day 1 or it will be a long staycation.

3.  Think outside of the box.  When making plans think about activities you would take an out-of-town guest too and consider adding those to your plans.

4.  Do not do chores and limit your normal routine of cooking/cleaning/internet/phone/tv.  Really treat this like a vacation and make it feel like one.

5.  Try new restaurants or pack a picnic lunch.  If it is within your budget, then take the family out to eat and if not then pack up picnic lunches and head out for your staycation each day.

6.  You may even want to stay in hotel one night.  This could be a lot of fun especially if the hotel offers an indoor pool/breakfast option!

Best of all enjoy your time and city.  There is lots to do that you may never think of on a day-to-day basis.  Not being able to travel far doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the most of your time together!

Have you had a successful staycation?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. We love to camp nearby home. We live near a river, so we take our camper about 2o min. from home so that the hubs can continue to go back and forth to work and when he gets off shift, wow, its fun to not go home, but to relax in a different atmosphere each nite. My son and I ride bikes, swim, play cards and have fun waiting till we grill dinner.

  2. We did a staycation about 2 years ago to GA, where my hubby is from. I love to eat and cook so trying new restaurants was a plus for me and we managed to stay within our budget. We where there for 3 weeks.

  3. We too camp close to home. The campground we like to go to is only 30 miles away. Just nice to be able to get away from all the rat race and relax.

  4. We live in a very, very small town (we’re talking 350 people) so there’s not many opportunities for a staycation *right* at home, but we’ve been know to travel about an hour to a city near us and stay in hotel for the weekend and go out and have fun there. It’s not really a vacation, so I can’t help but consider it a staycation since we haven’t went very far and aren’t shelling out tons of money to do it.

  5. I love doing little things in town on weekends…I really like the tip about not doing chores/cleaning/watching tv/etc. It’s so hard not to do those things when your home, but I’ll try next time we have a staycation.

  6. Its amazing how easy it is to forget what your own city can offer. I used to live next to Lake Superior and found myself taking it for granted. There’s so many things to see and do on/around that lake that I had to remind myself how lucky I really was!

  7. We do staycations often, spend the day outside at the pool and leave the phone in the house, no tv, computer..cell phones are also banned!! Great times!!

  8. I have not yet had a staycation but have started planning one since the birth of my son. I think he’s too little to travel so this is the perfect alternative!

  9. Staycations work for us – we visit the local pool, museum, zoo, drive-in, Coney Island, parks, Jane’s Saddlebag, and much more… Most of the items are either free or little cost – which is always good. I am happy that we live in the NKY area – there is soo much to do around here.

  10. My husband and I take the kids to stay at a local hotel every few months or when I can get a good deal! They are small so they totally think its a big deal trip and they get to swim and have a fabulous time! My husband and I love the time away from the “real world” as well!

  11. Staycations can be tons of fun! Keep checking hotels for cheap nights or package deals! One by us has tuesday night specials that include their waterpark and game room (gokarts, arcade, ect), well worth it!

  12. We love staycations! Ask grandma to babysit and take a 1 night hiatus! Sometimes that is all you need.

  13. We have free movies, so we take full advantage of that. We also have a $1 splash park. Great cheap staycation!

  14. We have a zoo in town so we buy a family pass for the entire year and then we can pack snacks and stay as we want. We don’t worry about seeing everything because we can go back when ever we want and see the rest for free! With our zoo pass we can also visit 150 other zoos and aquariums for free that are part of the same membership! WooHoo!

  15. We do varies local trips to different beaches along the shoreline within 30-50 miles make 1/2 day to day trips. We pack snacks and sometimes we venture out to find the cheap hole in the wall establishments that set your taste buds a whirl! Sometimes it works and out good and others it’s not so good but it’s always an experience and something we talk about later… 🙂

  16. We are planning one this weekend – Zambezi Bay in Columbus. Just a short 2 hour trip and a night in a hotel. The girls are going to love it!

  17. I would love to plan a staycation at home. It’s really hard to go off with the husband working long days. We do get to go to Busch Gardens for the day on weekends due to it being 20 minutes from home and we purchase the year pass and pack snacks to take with us.

  18. Jiff to go is great. I have used it many times. Using this for dipping apples is is just great!…… Take the Jiff to go on a family trip to the zoo bring your precut apples and you are ready for a good healthy snack.

  19. we often camp in our own backyard……pitch the tent…cook over a fire, roast marshmellows……and at least there’s a real bathroom when you need one

  20. We had a staycation a few years ago. We decided to go on an escape weekend at a hotel on the other side of town. We spent the weekend exploring that part of the city that we didn’t know & got to eat in a couple of nice restaurants that we normally wouldn’t go to.

  21. I luv Staycations. They are my fav, except for going home or to my sister’s. I do all of the things on ur list. Luv it Thanks.

  22. Do not do chores is right ! Don’t mom’s deserve a vacation too ! It can be hard for some people to just relax and change routine, but you need it. To stay in good health you must take some R&R.

  23. As I was reading this, I was realizing if I have a couple days off and am trying to take a break, I simply need to get away from the house for both days so I cannot allow myself to do any household stuff 😛

  24. I like the idea of a staycation!, it would be a great idea to get everyone’s input for ideas of what they would like to do so that everyone can have something fun to look forward to.

  25. We are planning a staycation next week and I was excitied to see your article it has some really good tips that I will be using and I think it will help to make this a great staycation

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