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How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

Dollar Store Bin Makeover

I love this Dollar Store Bin Makeover.  It is perfect for home organization.  I have less than $3 invested in each bin! A Must Pin!

I picked up the plastic bin at the Family Dollar for $2.00, a can of spray adhesive for $3.00 at the craft store and a yard of Remnant fabric from the fabric store for a $1. At the end of the day, I had $3.50 invested in each bin. I am in love with how this dollar store bin makeover turned out!

How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

I LOVE using these over the “plain” plastic bins.  It is an affordable solution to expensive Wicker or Fabric Bins.  By using fabric, it is so easy to customize them to suit your decor too!

How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

You will need enough fabric to cover the bin – depends on the size of the bin but the bin I used is standard size and it took 1/2 yard of fabric.  I was able to pick up a Remnant for $1.10 with coupon!

How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

Next, I cut four diagonal lines so that I was able to “wrap” the bin.

How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

I sprayed the bottom of the bin well and then I sprayed the fabric as I wrapped and tucked.  The more spray you use the stiffer it will be.  I liked a less stiff look but that is totally up to you.

How To Make a Dollar Store Bin Makeover

Finally, I added a piece of fabric to the bottom of the bin, and I was done!  Allow to dry and enjoy!  I made 5 of these for my laundry room.  The entire project cost less than $25.

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    1. What exactly did you spray it with? I kept searching through the article but couldn’t find a mention of what you actually sprayed onto it. & the website you listed is now a defunct website.

      Thanks! Can’t wait to make a few of these!!!

  1. To make this project even cheaper, you can buy bins like these at Dollar Tree for $1 so you save $1 per bin. Plus, always be on the lookout for fabric on clearance!

    1. I made 5 of these for my laundry room. The entire project cost less than $25 – I used remnant fabric 🙂

  2. You always come up with the neatest things and ways to save money. We all need these. It’s also fun creating , trying new recipes, while saving money.

    Bless You,

  3. I’m new at this, I’m a grannies! I saw somewhere on the internet that a good use for these plastic baskets is to use in the bathtub for your sitting age babies to sit in. I wouldnt leave them unattended but they will be able to sit up and play. I thought that was a clever idea. Maybe you all have done that already. Wish I had thought of that many moons ago! Grannie

    1. I have seen this done with a laundry basket. I had a “mini” like baby pool for my son that we used in the bathtub that worked awesome.

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