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How to Arm Knit

How to Arm Knit an infinity scarf in less than 30 minutes! Makes the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion.

I love to knit and make homemade gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. Well pretty much for any occasion I like to make a gift and give it with meaning. Last year I was making a ton of scarves for my aunts, nieces and the kids teachers as Christmas gifts.  I was searching on the internet and came across – How to Arm Knit.  I was intrigued and I am beyond happy that I found it, because it is so easy and you can have a completed Infinity Scarf in less than 30 minutes.  Plus it is so super easy that is it intended for knitting beginners.

How to Arm Knit

Items Needed:
Two strands of yarn (This means you’ll need two balls of yarn of any colors)

To get Started:
Take your yarn and measure five arm lengths and set it to the side (this is your tail and the part coming from the balls of yarn is called the working yarn).
Make a slip knot by making a loop and pulling the yarn through it.

Slip your dominant hand through the slip knot and make it snug on your wrist, but not too tight.

Grab the working yarn with your left hand (the right if you are a lefty) and with your thumb go over the working yarn (while still holding it in hand) and up (like in pictures) then with the two fingers closest to your thumb grab the tail.

Slip your hand between the working yarn on your thumb over and through the tail on your other fingers and back through the working yarn and tighten around your wrist. Do this same thing about 11 more times until you have twelve stitches on your wrist.

With your right hand grab the working yarn and slide the stitch closest to your hand off your hand and pull the working yarn through making a loop. Slide your other wrist through the loop. Do this again with all of your stitches including the slip knot (which is the same method as the rest of the stitches) do this until all of your stitches have been transferred onto your left (or right if your dominant hand is left) hand.

This step is repeated on the other hand as well just that you grab the working yarn with your other hand and put the loop on your right (or left if lefty) hand.

Keep going this on each hand until you have your desired length for your infinity scarf.

To bind off you start the same as knitting. You grab the working yarn, make the loop and slide onto other hand. Do this twice so that your other hand has two of the stitches on it. Drop the working yarn. Now take the stitch closest to your body and slip it off so that there is only one stitch remaining. Add another stitch like before and take the stitch closest to your body and pull it off. Keep doing this until the last one on your hand is the slip knot. Take this off your hand and pull tightly and tie it off.
To attach your ends together, first fold the scarf in half and line up the ends. Take your leftover tail or your slip knot stitch you just tied off and begin to sew the ends together with your hands. (If your tail or slip knot is not long enough to do this, use a big sewing needle and string some of the same color yarn through and sew it together).
If you are a visual learner like myself, check out this step by step video from Michaels -> Arm Knitting.

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