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Snowman Jar Gift Idea

This Snowman Jar Gift Idea is perfect for Christmas. I love how cute they turned out! They are perfect for gift giving.

This DIY Snowman Gift Idea is perfect for Teacher's or Neighbors! #Christmas #DIY

My friend Tiffany made these adorable Snowman Jars and I asked her if we could share them with you!  

Snowman Jar Gift Idea

  • She took strips of white tissue paper and then used Modge Podge to attache them to the jar.
  • After it dried she filled in any gaps with another strip.
  • When those are dry, do a full coat of the Modge podge over the whole jar. Let dry.
  • She sprayed glitter spray over the whole jar, let dry.
  • Then she took the lids and rings and spray painted those black.
  • Decorate the face with construction paper and red curling ribbon for the scarf.

Once your jar is dry, it is ready for candy or whatever else you’d like to put in there. My daughter did some for her friends and put socks and nail polish in hers.  They cost us very little to make.  We used Mason Jars but you could also collect Mayonnaise or other jars.

You could fill the jar with:

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Low Fat Puppy Chow

Chex Party Mix

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Snowman Birdfeeder

Snowman Lantern

Snowman Recycled Milk Jugs

Popsicle Snowman Ornament

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  1. This is such a cute idea. That would be a great way to send cookies to far away family members during the holidays.

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