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Kleenex Box Hack

Kleenex Box Hack that will help you when you or a family member is ill!

Are you sick and have a runny nose that will not stop???  If so then this Kleenex Box Hack will help you and your family tremendously.  A good friend shared this idea with me and I wondered why I had never done this before!  As a mom of three kids entering into the winter months, I have made six of these Kleenex holders.  One to put by the couch in the living room, one for each bedroom and the last one for the car.  As for the car I am always going to do this as it’s a great idea to keep germs at bay!

Kleenex Box Hack

Attach rubber bands, yarn string or wire twist tie (what I used in picture above because I ran out of rubber bands) to an empty Kleenex box to the one you are using.  Use the empty box to out your used Kleenex in.  Then throw the box out once it is full, but be sure to keep the “new” empty one to make another set.

Kleenex Box Hack that will help you when you or a family member is ill!

By doing this you will save so many trips from getting up and down to the trash can.  We all know how the can be when you are so sick, you can barely move.  Be sure to try this life hack this winter season!

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