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Fun at the Zoo

Fun at the Zoo - What is your favorite Zoo Memory? #summer #Fun #Kids #BeAYesMom #MemoryMakingMoms #Cincinnati

Fun at the Zoo. My kids love the zoo!!  A couple of weeks ago we went two days in a row.  Some people think the zoo passes are expensive and it is not worth it.  I assure you if your children like to go it is definitely worth it. You can go just a few times and pay for it.  We pack our lunches and snacks for the day and head out.

Fun at the Zoo:

We also love the reciprocal zoo admittance at zoos in other areas.  Of course, we love the Cincinnati Zoo, but we also love the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE.  The kids not only are learning but having a great time.  We have the best zoo memories!  Our favorite zoo memory is when my oldest son decided to mess with the peacock.  Well, the peacock did not like it and started chasing him!  We warned him and he did it anyway.  Now he knows never to mess with a peacock!  What is your favorite zoo memory?

Be a memory making mom and create moments that will last your kids a lifetime!

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