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Living Gluten Free – Part 2


Living Gluten Free – Part 2. I’ve been asked what I eat during the day, since I refuse to pay a lot for organic and all natural foods but have to eat gluten-free. So, I decided to share my menu for the day.

Living Gluten Free – Part 2:

First off, I must share that I had to plan what I eat, especially when I began my gluten-free diet. When I started this adventure, I wrote down breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It kept from making my choices overwhelming. I would sit down for almost an hour planning my meals as well as my picky toddler’s and husband’s meals.

It was time consuming, sometimes frustrating, but worth it when mealtimes rolled around, and I didn’t have to think. I also changed my diet to include 6 small meals instead of 3 meals a day. It has increased my energy level and fits better with my toddler’s never-ending tummy.

So here is what’s on the menu for today:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot cereal (I make a batch that lasts all week, so I had it ready to go in the fridge) with almond slices and blackberries, sweetened with soy milk and brown sugar with a glass of soy milk.

Morning snack: Ok, I will admit this one…I made 4 batches of cookies for a family reunion last weekend, and the cookies really need to be eaten…so I had 2 peanut butter flourless cookies and the rest of a homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that my toddler didn’t want. But I usually have a piece of fruit, honest!

Lunch: Leftover marinated chicken wings.

Afternoon snack: Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins with hummus.

Dinner: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice made with gluten-free teriyaki sauce.

After dinner snack: A bowl of black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. Yummy!!

This is an article from our reader Christie.  Check out her First Post about Living Gluten Free!

Disclaimer: Information on Stockpiling Moms is intended to help those living a gluten free lifestyle to do so within their budget. In no way is the information to be construed as medical or health advice. You should consult your medical or health professional for advice in your particular situation, and please always confirm the safety and allergy free status of any product before consuming it.

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