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Honey Baked Ham is Gluten Free

Honey Baked Ham is Gluten Free. I LOVE honey baked ham! When I was planning my first holiday meal after my diagnosis, I had no idea what I was going to serve – until I discovered that Honey Baked Ham is Gluten Free! This was like a light bulb moment for me!

I built my entire meal around the honey baked ham as my main course. This is a win/win for our family because we all love it! My son was thrilled to find out that our holidays were going to be filled with honey baked ham. Hopefully this will help you in your holiday menu planning too!

You can visit Honey Baked Ham for a confirmation of this.

Another great thing is that you can also make this Homemade Honey Baked Ham copycat version at home and save big!

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  1. How did you verify this information? I ask because I have been told repeatedly by various (reliable) sources that it truly isn’t GF. Both of my kids have celiac and are HIGHLY sensitive to gluten, so I am just too afraid to try it, so we buy the Costco honey baked ham (which is certified GF) and haven’t had any problems.

  2. Right, but it only says you are free to enjoy their products without wheat gluten…it doesn’t address any other forms of gluten. As it was explained to me in the last celiac group meeting I attended, their glaze is not proprietary and is sourced elsewhere and that’s where the gluten is contained. I think we’ll stick with Kirkland, as we haven’t had any issues with that and they are completely GF.

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