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How to Make a Purl Stitch

How to make a Purl Stitch when knitting! #knitting #craft #DIY
Last week I posted on Beginner Knitting Instructions which shows you how to start with a slip knot, cast on and cast off. If you missed that post and need help, click here—> Beginner Knitting Instructions.  In this post I will show you How to Make a Purl Stitch.

How to make a Purl Stitch when knitting! #knitting #craft #DIY

Purl Stitch

Cast on stitches, however many you want. If you are new to knitting, I would start with 12 stitches.

The main difference between a purl stitch and a knit stitch is that the right needle is put in front of the left needle instead of behind. So to start, hook the right needle into the first loop on the left needle, but in front of the left needle this time.

Wrap the yarn around the right needle counterclockwise, but this time in front of the back needle and around the front one. Just remember that you will always be wrapping the yarn counterclockwise around the needle in your right hand.

Pull the yarn through the first loop in the left needle, creating a new loop on the right needle.

Continue this same technique down the row.

When all of the stitches are off of the left needle, that row is done.

Continue stitching, rotating between the knit and purl stitch as you’d like so you can see the patterns they will form or you can simple stitch with just the purl.

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