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DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece

DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece

If you are looking for an affordable centerpiece that will also serve as an air freshener these DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Tea Lights are the perfect solution!  They are so affordable and smell AMAZING!  If you are a coffee fanatic you will be in LOVE.  We couldn’t believe how delicious the house smelled!

DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece:

If you are a southern girl you more than likely have dozens of mason jars in your cabinets.  If not you can pick them up online or at most any big box store.  If fact they come in a variety of colors and clear (like I used) so choose whichever you desire. You can also pick up some fresh flowers and create a lovely vase with one too.

DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece

DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece:

Simply place a vanilla scented tea light into a mason filled with whole coffee beans.  Tie a ribbon or raffia to the top of the jar and you have a thrifty chic centerpiece in minutes.  I like to pick up my whole coffee beans on sale or clearance when I find them after season and place them in the freezer until I am ready to use.  The warmth from the tea light will “heat” the coffee beans and your house will smell like French vanilla coffee.  You can use any variety of coffee bean – I suggest French Vanilla for an added depth of smell when the candle heats up.  You can use a flame candle or a battery operated tea light candle.


  • Whole Coffee Beans
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Raffia or Ribbon

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY Coffee Bean Mason Jar Centerpiece as much as we did.  We paired two Coffee Bean Mason Jars with 1 larger Mason Jar filled with fresh flowers for a center piece at our DIY Coffee House.  It was a huge success!

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  1. About how long are you able to burn candles in the coffee beans? This sounds like a great idea….my daughter will love this…..sending her copy of your email…..

    1. I burned them for 3 hours and they didn’t overflow into the beans so I will re-use my jars again.

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