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Graduation Party Decor

If you are looking for the perfect Graduation Party Decor this idea, is it! Not only is it perfect because it showcases the graduate, but it is also the perfect way to walk down memory lane.

My husband helped me by scanning all of the original school photos and then we sent them to Walgreen’s to blow them up to 8×10 size. My husband ordered the stakes and acid free 25 Pack 11×14 Pre-Cut Mat Board Show Kit for 8×10 Photos.

He assembled the photos with the mat board and plastic sleeves and attached those with a glue gun to the stakes. Then on graduation morning when my son went to graduation practice, he put the pictures in the yard. I am not going to lie, when I got home and saw them all it was all I could do to hold back the tears.

When our parents, Uncles and family friends came over to the house before graduation they were all surprised and loved the walk down memory lane. We decided to add a baby picture and then all of his school pictures from grades Kindergarten through Senior year.

Even my son LOVED this when he got home. It was the perfect graduation decor for graduation day or graduation party! I hope you enjoy this idea as much as we did!

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I hope these Graduation Party Ideas help you as you are planning.

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