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Is a Disney Cruise Worth It?

Is a Disney Cruise Worth It? We are home from our 2nd cruise aboard the Disney Dream. If you have never taken a Disney Cruise you are really missing out. This was my 15th cruise and if you have never sailed with Disney Cruise Line you are truly missing out.

My only regret from this cruise is that it was NOT long enough. When people ask me if the cost for a Disney Cruise is worth it, I must hands down say YES, it is. When I say that Disney caterers to your every need I am not exaggerating.

Is a Disney Cruise Worth It?

Do you need to be concerned a Disney Cruise is going to overrun with children? There are a lot of kids on board however I never felt like I was surrounded by kids if this can make sense. I personally am the mom of two teens so for me time was spent enjoying the adult amenities on the ship. We spent a lot of time at the spa.

Get a rainforest pass, trust me on this one. Use the adult only pool and hot tub. Spend time in the district lounge and enjoy the adult only dining experience at Palo and Remy. Visit the adult only beach at Castaway Cay. Trust me you will be able to spend lots of quality time without kids and soak in all that the Disney Dream has to offer.

Disney Dream Rainforest Spa

On the same note there is so much to do with and for kids on board. The kids will love the pools and AquaDuck, all of the on-board activities, character meet and greets, Goofy’s Sports Deck, Nemo’s Reef, kids’ clubs and the deck parties. There is so much to see and do while you are on board. Most importantly you will get uninterrupted time together. No Wi-Fi means they will talk to you 🙂

Eat, Eat and then Eat some more. I am in love with all of the dining options that the Disney Dream has to offer. There are three themed dining rooms, and you will rotate to each one of them. Your servers will rotate with you so you will have amazing service during your trip. The three dining rooms include Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden and Royal Palace. They are all awesome, but my favorite is Royal Palace.

There is no character during dining on a 3/4-night cruise.  In addition, you can eat at the Cabanas buffet. I personally enjoyed Flo’s Cafe where we could order pizza (even gluten free).  If features three stations including Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites—inspired by Disney·Pixar’s Cars Movie.

Of course, I have to mention Eye Scream Treats (24/7 Ice Cream need I say more) and be sure to stop at Vanellope’s Sweet Treats (it is additional but worth every penny). Also, soft drinks are included unlike on other cruise lines so that is a nice treat too!

Enjoy your port day. My advice is to stay on the ship when you port at the Bahama’s. It is a great way to save money AND you can enjoy all that the ship has to offer. At the Buena Vista Theater you can watch Disney movies that are at the theater as well as Disney classics in comfort. This is one of our favorite activities on board.

You can purchase popcorn at the movie for a small cost and a tip is to bring your own movie candy with you! Use the pool and AquaDuck, Goofy’s Sports Deck (we played miniature golf) and just explore all that the Disney Dream has to offer. We scheduled Princess Meet and Greet’s for the morning and then had the day to enjoy.

Enjoy Castaway Cay. This is our favorite part of the cruise. Disney’s private island does not disappoint. This is a time for you relax and unwind. There is so much to do or simply do nothing. Enjoy a nice breakfast, then head off the ship and find a lounge chair and then soak up the sunshine. There is nothing better than Vitamin-Sea and sand between your toes.

A great tip to save money is to bring your own snorkel gear if you have space in your luggage and a sand bucket and shovel if you have little kids. Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and enjoy. They provide towels for you, and you eat to your hearts content on the island at Cookies or Cookies Too. They even have an adult only beach for those who are 18 and up!

Take advantage of the live shows and deck parties. Don’t miss seeing Beauty and the Beast. It is EPIC. Hands down one of our favorite things from the trip. Go early to get a good seat but really there is no bad seat in the house. This musical production is one NOT to miss.

They also offer The Golden Mickey’s and Disney’s Believe. On the first night there is a Sailing Away Party and then on the 2nd night was Pirate Night. This is an EPIC night where you can eat, dance and be merry at a buccaneer bash fit for a pirate. I suggest that you experience fireworks at sea. It was truly awesome!

Epic Pirate Vacation Shirts provided by Celebration Shirts

There is so much to do and see that only thing you will wish you had more time as I enjoy unpacking once and waking up in different ports. I suggest the three or four-night cruise for your first-time cruising but if you are a veteran cruiser like I am it will only leave you wanting more time on board. I prefer a 7-night cruise when possible. The food and entertainment are out of this world, and it is truly Disney that makes it so special as everything is top notch.

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Disclosure: We were invited to experience the Disney Cruise as part of the Disney Creator’s Celebration 2020. It was an epic experience however all opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. I think my main concern for the moment is the corona virus. While I’m not at all concerned with it, I would be concerned for my grand kids, as they would be the ones we’d take. All that aside, I think if you take that concern out, a Disney cruise would be something we would cherish with them.

    1. Yes, pre-Covid I wouldn’t have blinked an eye. We traveled as Corona Virus was just hitting globally and the Disney crew took many extra precautions.

  2. This cruise sounds like so much fun! I would so go on one with my kids one day. My husband doesn’t love Disney as much, sadly. But I’d leave him at home and go, ha.

  3. Even though I am an adult with no little ones around I would go on this cruise. Looks like loads of fun.

  4. That cruise looks like a lot of fun and seeing and doing all those activities is awesome. I love to eat so i know I would gain on a cruise like this.

  5. A Disney cruise is on my bucket list. It sounds like such an amazing experience. I can’t wait to go on one.

  6. That cruise sounds like a lot of fun, and that food yum! I have never been on a cruise before and would really love to some day.

  7. I have heard so many good things about Disney cruises. We went on a cruise when my daughter was little (not Disney), and it was awful. I would definitely consider something better like Disney.

    1. The cruise line you choose makes all the difference in cruising experience. Disney is top of the line.

  8. What a fun experience! I would love to take my kids on a cruise, especially at this time of year, when I’m so tired of the winter!

  9. This has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I am sure it will be a very nice experience for the family. Hopefully one day, we can all go. I would opt of the longer 7 night cruise!

  10. I’ve never been on a cruise before. My husband and I have been talking about possibly going on one next. Disney was one of them on our list too. That way the kids could enjoy it as well.

  11. This cruise could be a wonderful idea to spent some time only with your family and have a lot of fun!

  12. I would love to take a Disney Cruise. It just hasn’t been in the cards for us yet, but we do visit Florida a lot, so one of these days we will make it happen.

  13. Disney Cruise is always fun. We haven’t planned one yet with kids, may be next summer. we will plan one. Looks like you guys had fun.

  14. Disney Cruise is all worth it! It sounds really exciting and really fun especially with all those delicious food around.

  15. The cruise sounds like fun and good to know there are many adult only options. My impression is that it would be overrun by kids and glad to know there are adult getaway spaces 🙂 Never been on a cruise before and would like to try one sometime soon!

  16. I have never been on a cruise but the Disney line looks like so much fun. It does help to know these little tricks to get the best experience on a trip.

  17. Disney cruise sounds so fun! Thanks for sharing your experience. I always loved hearing from others.

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