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Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

I love this Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea that our PTO made for our teachers this year!  Hand Sanitizer is always in high demand for most teachers.  I know I always had my secret stash in my desk that I used at the end of the day.  After grading papers, it is a must to have clean hands before you drive home from a long day at school.  Our PTO came up with this cute idea to give the Teachers a little appreciation for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea:


  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Color Printer
  • Labels
  • Ribbon


  • Using a free version of photo shop, they uploaded their image to create the label.
  • They were able to purchase labels at the office supply store and print at home
  • Then they attached the label to the hand sanitizer
  • They added a ribbon in our school colors to match the printed label.

Teacher Appreciation week is May 5 – 9, 2014 and as you can see it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to let the teachers know they are appreciated.  As you know I taught for 11 years.  Simply handmade gifts, notes from my students and parents and inexpensive gifts really let me know how much I was appreciated.  In fact I still treasure the notes and cards to this day and the precious students who left a foot print in my heart forever.

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Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

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