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Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick

Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick2

Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick are perfect for a themed party or shower. In my case I used them as a favor for a baby shower that I had for my friend. She was having a boy, so I geared it towards mustaches. Everyone at the baby shower thought it was super cute and had so much fun eating and playing with the chocolate mustaches.

I went to the store Michael’s and bought the mustache mold along with sticks, ribbon, snack bags and colored chocolate chips in white, blue and brown. When I got home, I melted the chocolate according to package directions and filled the molds. I set them in the fridge for 20 minutes so the chocolate could harden a little bit before I put the sticks in it. Next, I placed the sticks in the mold slot and twirled it in the chocolate to make sure it was covered. Then they went back in the fridge for a couple hours and then popped them out of the mold.

Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick3


Next, I place a snack bag over the chocolate mustache and using a piece of ribbon I tied it to make them secure. I had a basket and used it to arrange the chocolate mustaches. I had ribbon left over from where I had made the Diaper Cake. (For directions on how to make a diaper cake, CLICK HERE —>Diaper Cake) I took the ribbon and wrapped it around the basket to make it more decorative.

Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick

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