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How To Plan a Lego Party – Part 2

how to plan a lego party part 2

How To Plan a LEGO Party – Part 2. If your kids love LEGO, this post is for you! In case you missed Part 1 of How to Plan a Lego Party you can catch up.  This post is full of menu and decoration ideas for your DIY LEGO Party.

LEGO Menu Ideas:

Cake: ($6)

  • LEGO Brownies (in lieu of cake) ($3, BOGO at Publix with $1 off coupon plus m&m’s)

I made two boxes in a 9×13 pan, cut the brownies into “bricks”.  Then made red, yellow, green and blue frosting and frosted each one then topped with the same color m&m’s for the buttons.

LEGO Snacks:
• Puff popcorn, butter and cheese flavored: put a handful in white, paper muffin cups for individual servings
• Watermelon cut up into bricks and stacked 3 high on a toothpick
• Two types of cheese cut up into bricks and stacked 2 high on a toothpick
• Apple slices with individual cups of caramel dip

I served the watermelon and cheese on a white, rectangular platter that I found on clearance for $6, the apples were served in blue and red plastic bowls to go with my color theme, $1.88 each at Walmart. All serving pieces I could use again so it was worth the $10. I used square, yellow paper plates (Walmart and Target have them at the best price), green napkins, blue forks and red cups. I went ahead and set the table and made name tags using a Lego font that I downloaded and put them at each place setting.

LEGO Decorations:

  • I ordered a dozen red, blue, yellow and green balloons from the party store, some balloons had the number 7 on them for Jack’s age ($12)
  • Bubble wrap table runner ($4) – Buy a roll of bubble wrap ($2 at Walmart) and spray paint it green to make it look like a large, green, flat Lego piece. I used that as table runners on my food table and my gift table.
  • Happy Birthday Jack sign (free)- Print ‘Happy Birthday (child’s name)’ on colored paper using the Lego font, cut out the letters individually, tape on some ribbon and hang up.
  • Paper Legos (free) – Print the Lego paper from (deliacreates.blogspot.com) on colored paper, cut into Lego brick shapes and tape on wall, and lay on the tables for added decoration.
  • Lego pinata (deliacreates.blogspot.com) ($2 for streamers) – Empty box, cut (6) circles on one side, insert plastic cups upside-down to mimic the buttons then cover with yellow streamers and glue. We opted to use as a table decoration instead of a pinata, just be sure to add something heavy so that it will stand up – I used it as my balloon weight and it worked great!
  • Put a Lego creation in the bathroom for decoration
  • I scattered Lego people on some of my shelves for added decoration – you could use this as a game ‘Find the Lego people’ too.

Lego brick treat boxes: ($3.75 each)

These were my own idea 🙂 The containers I used were the Walmart brand Rubbermaid containers which were four for $1.88, I purchased three sets. I printed off more colored Lego paper, cut the shapes to fit the tops of the containers and glued that to the tops of each to mimic a Lego brick. For the treats inside, toysrus.com had a sale, buy one get one 50% off Legos, so I got (2) Lego party packs which included (8) mini-LEGO creations and a coupon for free admission to Legoland.

The Lego party packs were also on sale for $12.49 so I got two packages for under $20, plus free shipping! (Each box got one, I used the rest for prizes and Jack kept the leftovers) For the girls, I made Lego rings: I purchased rings from the local craft store (three for $3) and hot glued a square Lego brick to the top. I put that in a baggie with another square Lego brick and a few colored, tiny Legos for the jewels.

I made bookmarks with the leftover colored Lego paper, and I had some ribbon stored away in my craft box for the tops (free). This is a good time of year for Halloween candy, so I bought a box of Halloween gummies ($4) and some mini packages of m&m’s ($3) which are Jack’s favorite. Each box also contained a sheet of Lego stickers ($7.50 for 10 sheets, .75 each) and a glow stick that they can use for Trick-or-Treat ($4 for 12). I put the thank you card in there that I made and attached the name tags I made for the place settings to the tops of each (after they were done eating and outside playing).

It was a huge success, Jack said that it was the best birthday party ever and I asked each guest as they were leaving what their favorite part was and they all said something different. Jack had a great time, that’s all that mattered!

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