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How to save money on Kona Ice

How to save money on Kona Ice

How can you save money on Kona Ice?  Peyton loves Kona Ice. It is a summer treat for us for sure! We like to enjoy it at least once a week.

How to save money on Kona Ice:

Did you know that if you purchase a large Kona Ice plastic cup for $5.00 (includes a Kona Ice) that you can get it refilled for only $3! I purchased (2) last summer and then whenever we hear the tropical music in our neighborhood, we grab our cups and head to the street to wait for the icy treat!

This is hands down one of the highlights of our summer and lots of fun! Though I don’t advocate spending money in excess over the summer – this is for sure one of the highlights for my son and a real special and fun treat!  Also, Kona Ice is Gluten Free too!

If you want to be a memory making mom, choose simple and inexpensive things like this and make them into a tradition for your kids. When my son thinks of summer, he thinks of Kona Ice.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for this product myself and all opinions are 100% my own.

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