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How to Make the Holidays Special While Social Distancing

Want to know How to Make the Holidays Special While Social Distancing? How can the holidays be special when you’re not able to embrace and spend time with family, friends, and loved ones? We are here to help!

We’ve been encouraged for a number of months now that we should continue social distancing ourselves in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This includes staying away from large groups and gatherings, leaving us scratching our heads what the holiday season is going to look like. 

How to Make the Holidays Special:

It’s going to take a little extra creativity and thinking outside the box to make the holidays special. Here are a few ways that you can still make the holidays a special one… even with social distance.

Video Chats

Wanting to stay connected with family and friends even if you can’t see each other face to face? Consider using online video chats to keep your spirits high and out of the dumps this holiday season. You can even come up with a fun activity that you can all do together when you visit.

Have a Netflix Party

If everyone in your party has Google Chrome Browser on their laptop or desktop, you’ll be able to group watch a movie on Netflix, in what feels like a room full of people. There’s even a group chat menu to make it even more personal with your loved ones. If you’re wanting a larger picture with better sound, you can plug your computer into your tv while using an HDMI cable.

Virtual Games

For most families that gather around the holidays, games are what makes it even more enjoyable. Don’t let social distance stop you. There are plenty of online gaming services that offer free and relatively cheap games, for a wonderful time of entertainment.

Board Game Arena offers several of them, where they’re all free! QuizWitz offers a free version of Trivia, but they also have an extended addition that you can buy. Tabletop Simulator has a 3-D game board experience, but be prepared to pay a charge for each game.

Holiday Baking

One of the best ways to cheer everyone up (yes, even in the midst of coronavirus) is by doing a little holiday baking. Not only is it fun for the kiddos, but it will bring back wonderful memories for you from over the years. Whether it’s decorating sugar cookies, or baking a delicious, warm pumpkin pie, the holiday can still taste just as sweet as all the others.

Small Acts of Kindness

The holidays aren’t only about spreading cheer and a little bit of love to your family, but sometimes sharing a little bit of your heart with complete strangers. You can put together a care package for soldiers overseas, bake some goodies and deliver them to first responders, or mail a personal and heart-felt card to a friend to show them that you care.

Social distancing may keep families many miles apart, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still see one another and have a good time. I hope you found at least one of these ideas helpful in spreading holiday cheer to all of your loved ones. What are some other ideas that you’ve come up with in order to make the holidays special this year that you’d be willing to share?

More Tips for the Holidays

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  1. I am just going to want to bake all day every day. I never do this – but for some reason I really want to this year!! And then leave the goodies on relatives and friend’s doorsteps! haha!

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