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How to Keep Cool and Keep Your Green


How to Keep Cool and Keep Your Green. I struggle with this every day because we are a family who likes it very cool in our house!  There is a running joke in our neighborhood that we could hang meat in our house.  We are trying to be frugal and have been asking around to find out ways we can still stay cool and cut out our energy use and cost.

How to Keep Cool and Keep Your Green:

Well, we decided we are not turning the AC off.  Things we are doing are shutting blinds, turning the air up during the day, we use fans in rooms, ceiling fans, we do not use the stove or oven at all during the day, and we try to keep the doors closed as much as possible.

Did you know your incandescent lights put off as much heat as they do light?  I didn’t until I was told by my wise hubby!

We know there are many ways to improve the temperature in your home and one of those is insulation in your attic.  You can also get tax credits by doing some energy efficient improvements!

Check out Energy Star for the tax credits available for your home!

Some additional tips:

  1. When using envelopes use postconsumer recycled envelopes.
  2. When mailing letters avoid using labels.  Print on the envelope so it can be recycled.  Most labels can not be recycled and the envelope can’t be if it is stuck to it!
  3. Recycle your paperclips.  Do not use rubber bands because some are made from crude oil!
  4. Turn lights off when you leave a room!
  5. Use recycled pencils.
  6. Use recycled Paper!  There really is not a significant difference!  Especially for kids who are in school!
  7. Buy products that do not have a ton of packaging.  Sometimes you get more packaging then you do product!  Ideas of buying products with less packaging are:  block cheese instead of individually wrapped, boxes of pancake mix instead of individual packages,  and whole boxes of baking products rather than individual boxes. (example: splenda in box rather than individual servings)
  8. Reuse paper and plastic bags you get from the store!

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