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Get smart about food allergies with Enjoy Life Foods

Get smart about food allergies with Enjoy Life Foods

Get smart about food allergies with Enjoy Life Foods. I found this wonderful new site on food allergies and living safely with food allergies!  Food allergies are so life altering!

Get smart about food allergies with Enjoy Life Foods:

One of the greatest friends I have suffers from Celiac disease.  Since she is staying with me right now, I really see how much it affects her life.  I also have become more aware of food allergies.

The food allergy community has some wonderful support organizations that focus on research, education and awareness. Visit the other resources area of Enjoy Life website for links to many organizations and websites.

Their allergy-friendly and tips and hints areas will also provide you with helpful information on living safely with food allergies. You can also download their useful Food Allergy and Intolerance Survival Guide by clicking Survival Guide or request one to be sent to you via mail.

While you are there printing their free Survival Guide grab their Coupon for $.55 off any Enjoy Life Product!  You can download the coupon from their site!

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  1. I love Enjoy Life Foods too! Our son has food allergies and once had such terrible eczema caused from food intolerances that after visiting many docs and going through many tests, we finally found help. It was unbelievable because nothing that his docs gave him worked very well and just covered up his symptoms but when we started giving him his Belly Boost children’s chewable probiotics, his skin immediately began to clear. It was amazing and we started to reintroduce foods to him and he could actually eat them! He still has severe allergies and we avoid these foods, but he is so much better. One of the best and only things that he could safely eat for a long time was Enjoy Life Foods and I am so thankful for them! I just gave them an SMG Approved post too 🙂 http://smilinggreenmom.com/2010/07/sgm-approved-enjoy-life-foods/

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