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How to Apply Your Everyday Eye Make Up in Five Minutes or Less

How to Apply Your Everyday Eye Make Up in Five Minutes or Less

Think you don’t have time to apply eye make up properly? Do you think that your hurried morning routine leaves you doomed with naked eyes? If you believe that being short on time means you need to be short on style, you are wrong! You can apply professional looking eye makeup in just five minutes or less, every morning of each and every day. Don’t believe me? Take a peek below at how to apply your everyday make up in five minutes or less and get out the door looking great from “eye” to toe!

How to Apply Your Everyday Make Up in Five Minutes or Less

Step One: Apply a primer – Use a priming cream to help smooth and set the skin so makeup adheres best and lasts all day. This will also help smooth out wrinkles and creases in the skin and makes application easier. One swipe over each eyelid is all you need, and this step takes just seconds. It really sets the foundation and helps smooth wrinkles.

Step Two: Use a base color – Next you want to choose the base shadow you wish to wear. For everyday use this will typically be a neutral shade that still provides coverage but allows for a contrasting highlighting hue as well as liner should you desire it. Use your eye shadow brush to apply a coat over each eyelid, then go back and apply a second application. If you wish, you can add a little extra shadow in the areas that seem to experience wear, such as right at the crease or the inside corners. Easy peasy!

Step Three: Apply the highlight color – Make your eyes pop by applying a highlight color. This will go up the side of the eyelid and cross over the top of the lid. Many choose a hue with a light shimmer to highlight the top of the lid and add some dimension. Just use an angle brush to dab a little highlight color on the side, again over the top of the brow, then blend the two together.

Step Four: Add your eyeliner – Choose an eyeliner that works well with your shadow color and start at the inside of the eye and work your way outward. Depending on how dramatic you wish to look, you can carry the liner outwards past the natural shape of the eye for a bit of flare. Some prefer to do a second application of liner towards the outward end of the lid to make the lashes appear fuller as well. It is not advised to go around the entire eye, as doing so can actually make the eye appear smaller.

Step Five: Finish with mascara – Add two coats of mascara to each eye and you should be all set! Remember to start inward and work your way outward and use the tip of the brush to get any little eyelashes that don’t seem to be getting any coverage. Two coats are typically plenty, as anything more could cause clumping.  We are personally in LOVE with the all-natural Think Goodness Mascara!

But wait…what if you have a few moments to spare? There are a few extra steps you can add that will add to your overall look but aren’t necessarily essential. Should you find yourself with an extra minute, you can always use a lash curler to give those lashes a little extra body, or an eyebrow pomade to add a little more fullness to the eyebrows. Either way, your eyes will look fantastic, and you will be out the door in just minutes.

Don’t allow your eyes to go naked just because you are on a time crunch. Give these tips for how to apply your eye makeup in five minutes or less a day a try and see how they work for you!

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