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5 Easy Low-Fat Foods to Keep on Hand This Summer

This week in our 52 Weeks to Wellness we are going to look at 5 Easy Low-Fat Foods to Keep on Hand This Summer.  These are always in our refrigerator and perfect for snacks and additions to our meals without lots of calories added.  I love being able to snack a lot throughout the day without worrying about going over my Weight Watchers points allowance for the day.

5 Easy Low Fat Foods To Keep On Hand This Summer

5 Easy Low-Fat Foods to Keep on Hand This Summer

Greek Yogurt.  From making homemade Tzatziki dip and Ranch dip to adding to fruit and granola for a fun parfait or even the base of a smoothie, Greek Yogurt is an excellent choice.  The nonfat or 2% variety is lower in fat and calories while still full of protein and calcium your body needs.  Keep plain in the refrigerator, as well as flavored and blends for easy snacks and additions to recipes.  Greek Yogurt is even a wonderful replacement for mayonnaise in chicken salads, tuna salad or pasta salads.

Pickles.  Dill pickles are a favorite, but any pickles are great.  If you have high blood pressure, you may want to avoid these with the high sodium content.  If not, enjoy pickles as a nice cool and flavorful snack that is low in calorie and satisfying for those salty or savory cravings.

String Cheese.  String cheese is simply a great treat that kids and adults alike enjoy eating.  Low-fat versions offer great flavor and easy to eat snacks without high calories.  The added protein and calcium in the string cheese just makes it even better.  Coat in breadcrumbs and bake for a cheese stick to dip in marinara or have fun peeling the strings apart like a kid.  It also is a great snack to go along with apple slices!

Fresh melon.  Watermelon may be my favorite of the easy low-fat foods to keep on hand this summer.  Adding it to bags and putting in the freezer for cold snacks is my favorite way to eat it.  Low fat, sweet and delicious melon can be the base of a smoothie, drink, addition to water, snack on its own or even as a salad with mint.

Popcorn. Air popped popcorn is the best easy food to have on hand for snacking.  You can add flavors, salt, Parmesan cheese, garlic, chili or lime to kick things up a bit. For sweet flavors you can add in some bits of melted dark chocolate.  It’s great for making in large batches and enjoying as a snack.

These easy low-fat foods to keep on hand this summer are great for snacking with your kids or just keeping on hand or yourself!

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