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Detox Your Body

Tips to detox your body to remove toxins and lose weight

Detox Your Body – Remove Toxins and Lose Weight. This week I am writing about Detoxing your body for a better YOU!  In case you missed one of the first three parts of this series, I wrote about Exercise, Eating Healthy and Sleep and Stress Management.

Detox Your Body:

I started a Candida Yeast Overgrowth detox in August 2010 and as a result ending up losing a total of 35 pounds.  This year I am repeating the cleanse and so far, I have lost an additional 6 pounds.  By cleansing your body from toxins, you are able to kick start your weight loss.

We all have toxins that we need to eliminate.  If you are smoking, I urge you to stop.  However, it is best to not go cold turkey.  You should instead wean yourself off.  I encourage you to talk to your Dr. if you are serious about stopping.  Statistics show that you double your chances of success if you have a plan that includes a combination of methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy, self-help materials and a support system.  There are several resources available including 800-QUIT-NOW or visit smokefree.gov.  My brother-in-law quit two years ago by using a prescription drug and I am so proud of him for his success!

We take in so many toxins with our environment, through what we consume and more!  I really feel that it is good for everyone to do a detox plan by fasting once a season.  I would suggest asking your Dr. what they feel is safe way to detox.  It is often suggested to do a liquid fast as a part of your detox.  During the 36 days that I cleansed I eliminated all refined carbohydrates, sugars and dairy from my diet.  I did a five-day liquid fast and later a 3-day liquid fast during the cycle.  After I finished the initial 36 days I repeated the plan again, fasting for an additional 3 days.  By doing so my body was able to go into a “fat burning mode” and I felt great!

A great way to detox is by drinking this Detox Water.  It is a great way to flush toxins from your body.   You can also flush them out by drinking Green Smoothies.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional and I am not providing medical advise. Always consult with a medical professional before you change your diet or implement a weight loss strategy.

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  1. Could you share the detox? I just started reading about candida and your post is the first I’ve actually heard of it other than in a medical book I read from the library….I’m fascinated by your cleanse and would love to know more….

  2. I have some health problems that call for a detox on occasion, but I have to be honest, it makes my symptoms worse at first. So I have just stopped. I would highly recommend you consult a doctor before trying anything!

    1. How long did you stay with it Shelly?

      Just like I said in my post I always suggest checking with a Dr. However, I must say my Dr. approved mine 🙂

        1. Hum, You do go to the bathroom a lot in the first few days but I have to say after day 5 I started having increased energy and felt great.

    2. Detox wil often make ypu feel worse at girst because you’re clearing stuff put. Always check eith ypur doctor to make sire you’re healthy enough to detox. Being well hydrated with a good pooh vlex is critical to blear out toxins. Pending your level of toxicity, you may initially feel like a mild flu is coming on. Herx reactions are also a possibility.

  3. I am curious to see if you lacked energy at all because I began using coconut oil..which is an antifungal and among other things…and I felt horrible which some said it was due to candida die off phase…sadly enough I gave up after 2 wks because of this

    1. I am going to tell you that if you detox you are going to feel worse before you feel better but it is worth it if you stick it out. I am going to post this on 2/2/11 🙂

  4. Has the candida come back since you did this detox in 2010? What kind of diet/regime plan did/do you follow after the detox? Did you stay sugar and yeast free after the cleanse? Right now I am doing research on ways to stop my recurring candida. Also I noticed that you don’t eat diary and a lot the items I’ve read said use yogurt and even vinegar to help ‘kill it off.’ Any information on your experience is appreciated. (Will be following up with my doctor, but shes on maternity leave now, so just putting in place the diet pieces for now.)

    1. It has not. I am gluten free and have been since 2012 when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I do cleanses once a year or sometimes more often where I detox off of sugar and dairy and I eat dairy in moderation. I have found that if I continually do the detox off of sugar that I am able to remain candida free.

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