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Elf On A Shelf Welcome Letter Printable

This year make it even easier on that first day your family Elf On A Shelf Appears.  Simply print our fun little Elf On A Shelf Welcome Letter Printable and place with your elf for the kids to see.

Elf On A Shelf Welcome Letter (Free Printable)

This fun original Elf On A Shelf poem is easy for the kids to read and understand.  It will make your family Christmas adventures that much easier this year since it is one less thing you have to worry about coming up with.


Simply click on the image above or directly load the PDF to print this letter.  Sign with a bit of glitter pen for a fun addition to a typical signature.

For more fun with your Elf On A Shelf welcome to your home this year – pick up some fun miniature snowflake glitter confetti at your local craft store to put in the envelope with the letter.  Not only will it add a bit of whimsical fun to eh event, but your can tell your kids that is part of the “Elf On A Shelf Magic” that is so commonly quoted.

Make this year the best year yet with your family elf adventures.  Check out all of our great Elf On A Shelf Supplies & Tips for your Christmas season!

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  1. Love the arrival letter. There’s just one problem: when you print it, the website appears at the bottom of the letter. Not great for kids who can read and are tech-savvy.

        1. I have had other friends do it 🙂 Other’s hand write it if they have kids who would catch on.

    1. Very cute letter but I agree that the website at the bottom kinda ruins the letter and is not easily cut off. I was going to use the letter until I saw there is no way to easily and nicely fix that.

      1. Since we are providing the letter for free we have to be sure others don’t “steal” and use it without permission that is why our URL is on the bottom.

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