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DIY Static Free Ball for Dryer

DIY Static Free Ball for Dryer is so simple to make! All you need is aluminum foil. Yes, you read that right! All you need is aluminum foil rolled into a ball for this amazing cleaning tip.

DIY Static Free Ball for Dryer

DIY Static Free Ball for Dryer:

I first saw this idea on my friends Facebook page and thought isn’t that crazy to put foil in your dryer. But then my friend reminded me that it is no different than the buttons or zippers on our jeans or jackets that we put through the dryer. So, without hesitation I tried it and it WORKS! My towels come out so fluffy and there is zero static on my clothes!

To try this great laundry tip just pull out a sheet of aluminum foil and roll into a ball about the size of 2 inches or so. You can use 1 ball or 2 if you want. Place in the dryer with your clothes and dry as you normally would. You can reuse the aluminum foil ball over and over again until you want to replace it, or it gets small and starts to harden substantially.

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