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Swedish Snow Lantern

If you are looking for an awesome snow day idea this, is it! It’s called a Swedish Snow Lantern. My friend Heather at Winterberry Studio shared this snow day idea with me, and I HAD to go make one!

Here’s how you can make one too! Make about 25 or more snowballs and build them up like a small igloo. Place a tea light or candle in the center, take a photo and enjoy!

In Scandinavia, the winter is extremely long dark and cold, which is why light, and the sun is treasured in this region. A tradition of fire and ice has been passed down from generation to generation. I was so excited to learn about this neat tradition that when we got a huge snow that was perfect for making snowballs that I ran out and made one for myself.

I am told this tradition originates in Sweden.

How to Make a Snow Lantern:

A snow lantern is a cone-shaped “lantern” similar to an igloo made from dozens of snowballs, with candles placed on the inside. You can build it in your yard and would be lovely at Christmas time. We chose to enjoy it on our snow day!

This wintertime tradition is known widely throughout Sweden, and people of all ages love to participate in it. I personally loved it myself. My husband even helped me build it and we left it lit all night as we used battery operated LED tea light candles. Of course, you can use traditional fire too. I personally enjoyed the light that three candles provided.

Even the man child thought it was cool. If you find something a 17-year-old enjoys trust me, it is good. I hope you enjoy this Swedish Snow Lantern.

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