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How to clean a glass stove top

How to clean a glass stove top with essential oil

How to clean a glass stove top without using chemicals? Use lemon essential oil! Simply add it to a spray bottle with water (glass bottle) or add it to a wet cloth and wipe it down.  The lemon essential oil will cut through grease and will also sanitize.  This is such an affordable way to clean!

A great tip is to use the glass bottle that your vinegar comes in and add a spray nozzle to it!  You can purchase Lemon Essential oil online or at most natural food stores.

How to clean a glass stove top with essential oil:

All you need is lemon essential oil!

Lemon Oil and Water.  Simply combine into a bottle with a spray nozzle and clean.  If you have tough spots you can use undiluted lemon oil.

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