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Ultimate Gardening Hacks Master List

Springtime has arrived, and with it comes the urge to start planting. Check out this Ultimate Gardening Hacks Master List. This year, I am compiling a huge master list of all of my gardening tips for you. These are tried and true tips, ideas, and fun ways to grow both vegetables and flowers. Take advantage of your time at home and the sunshine to really hone your gardening skills this year.

Ultimate Gardening Hacks Master List

If you’ve worked with a garden before, you know that it really isn’t as daunting as it may seem. The process can be very simple. Soil, seeds, water, and sunshine are all you truly need. However, I have to admit that there are other tips, tricks, and outside factors that can greatly change how well your garden grows. Below, you will find some of the more important factors of gardening that I feel will help you be more successful and have bumper crops this year!

How to Start Gardening

First, you’ll need to know When Should You Plant Your Garden. This will vary depending upon your location, but most gardening begins in mid to late March. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend buying a Farmer’s Almanac. It may seem old fashioned, but it’s a great tool for learning more about seasonal changes and the growth of vegetables.

Every garden starts with the seeds. I’ve picked up seedlings at the local farm store or nursery many times in the past, but planting them on your own and watching that seed sprout just adds a little something extra to the experience. If you’ve never gardened, then start with this post on How to Start Your Seeds Indoors. It’s a great project for kids to help you do and is just satisfying for any new gardener to experience.

Next, you’ll need to decide on how to place your seeds. I love using these Tips for Container Gardening and Vertical Gardening Tips. Both are excellent types of garden options for those who have less space to work with. If you have more room, you can check out this video for How to Make Raised Garden Beds.

Successful Gardening Tips

If you aren’t sure how to make sure your garden grows enough to produce, you’ll love this list of Tips for Growing More Veggies. I also like this post about How to Increase Your Garden Yield. That, alongside these 100 Expert Gardening Tips and Tricks helps you really make a garden that is going to be full of veggies and ideal for stocking up your freezer and pantry with home-canned or frozen goods.

You shoulds also take note of How and Why to Plant a Victory Garden as you start planning your garden this year. So many great ideas. Along the same lines, you should check out these Tips for Growing an Herb Garden. Herbs are a must for a well-rounded garden!

Two more posts that are helpful for your gardening efforts are How to Rid Your Garden of Bunnies and How to Use Eggshells in Your Garden. Both give you great advice to improve the growth of your garden.

Fun Garden Additions

You have to remember that not only are gardens useful, but they can also be tons of fun. That’s why I have to include a few of my favorite “crafts” just for the garden. These are both functional and fun to make. The best way to add something to your craft list and make it useful is to add it to your garden!

I would start with this idea for How to Make Garden Markers From Wine Corks a or DIY Clothespin Garden Marker. Both of these are great for making sure you know what is in each row or bucket is a must. They are especially helpful if you end up using this tip for How to Make a Barrel Herb Garden. Herbs can sometimes be hard to tell apart when you are new at gardening, and these help a ton.

Of course, no garden is finished without knowing How to Build an Outdoor Compost Bin. It is a must for creating your own fertilizer!

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