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How To Make a Snowmen Bowling Game

How To Make a Snowmen Bowling Game

If you are looking for a fun and frugal activity for winter check out this fun DIY snowmen bowling game. I made this for Peyton’s class to play several years ago when I was his room mom.  All of the kids LOVED playing this simple game and best of all I was able to re-purpose and up-cycle empty International Delights creamer bottles to make this game.

It was the perfect activity at their party to keep them entertained without them going crazy. I used stations that they roated to and this was one of their favorite activities. I made Snowman Popcorn Cups too.

Snowmen Bowling Game

Collect (5) or more depending on how many sets you want to make.

Wash and dry the international delights creamer bottles and remove the labels.

Using a black and orange sharpie marker create the face and buttons.

Finally attach a ribbon to create a scarf for each snow man.

When you are ready to play you can use a Hallmark Snow Ball or create your own ball.  The kids had a blast playing.  They simply tossed the snow ball to see how many they could knock over.

How To Make a Snowmen Bowling Game

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