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DIY Christmas Gift – Jamicure in an Ornament


DIY Christmas Gift - Jamicure in an Ornament you can make it in five minutes or less!

Here is a simple DIY Christmas gift that you can make in under 5 minutes! Jamicure in a Ornament is a great gift for a teacher, mother, sister or to even donate for a fundraiser or to a charity. I used to a consultant for Jamberry Nails and I love making these for my son’s teachers, bus drivers and teacher aides at their schools.  It is an in-expensive gift but very unique and different from the usually gift cards, cookies and candles they receive.

This DIY Jamicure in a Ornament includes a sheet of nail wraps (heat activated nail stickers) and paper crinkles. Depending on the size of the ornament you could even fit in a small nail clipper and file.  You can also make the DIY Jamicure in a Jar for those special ladies in your life. See the picture below!

DIY Jamicure in a Jar is perfect for gift giving or donating for a fundraiser!

DIY Christmas Gift – Jamicure in an Ornament

To make this wonderful DIY gift you will need a plastic ornament, paper crinkles and the supplies to put inside.

Next fill the ornament half full of paper crinkles. Next layer in the nail wraps, along with the clipper and file if desired. Place the top on the ornament and it is ready to go!

***You could even write the person’s name on the outside with decorative markers to make it more personal!

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