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Clove and Cedarwood Beard Oil

Clove and Cedarwood Beard Oil

Whether you have a burly full blooded (and bearded) lumberjack on your hands, a tough guy with a neatly trimmed goatee, or someone in between – he can benefit from the softening and conditioning quality of this homemade beard oil. It is great way to tame rough, scratchy beards, split ends, and even help fill it in.  Using high quality essential oils in a carrier oil is much better for your skin and hair than store bought that are made up of drying alcohol and artificial fragrances and colors. You can use any essential oil scents that you prefer, I think this one creates a very delicious man smell, and they are all great for facial hair health, appearance, and growth.

Clove and Cedarwood Beard Oil


1 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. Avocado Oil

1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil

Clove and Cedarwood Essential Oil to desired strength- a couple drops of each goes a long way for this small amount

Add a couple drops of Rosemary Essential Oil to add shine and encourage growth as well.

If you are looking for affordable high quality organic and wild crafted essential oils you can shop through this link. (disclosure – this is an affiliate link).

Glass Bottle – I got really creative and frugal here and I upcycled an empty, clean small whiskey bottle – Use a little Orange Essential Oil (or goo-gone) to remove the label. Or you could purchase a set of glass bottles like these beautiful Cobalt Bottles.

Clove and Cedarwood Beard Oil


Combine all ingredients except essential oils  in some type of glass container with an air tight lid. Something with a small opening works best, a little goes a long way.

Shake to combine.

Add a couple drops each and shake again,smell.

Keep adding oil until it smells good to you, especially if it’s for your hubby you are the best judge of the scent strength!

Shake well, cap and add a nice touch with a ribbon or handmade tag to identify it.

Clove and Cedarwood Beard Oil

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  1. Great recipe – this will make an awesome holiday gift for the men on my list. If you want to give someone a gift basket with this beard oil in it I recommend pairing it with some homemade shaving cream (that is if your man shaves part of his facial hair versus keeping a full beard).

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