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Gift Card Flower Bouquet

This Gift Card Flower Bouquet is perfect for Mother's Day, Graduation or Teacher's Gift!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Mom and have no idea what to get her?  If so then check out this idea for a Gift Card Flower Bouquet!  If I were to get this I would be one happy lady!  It is a really creative idea!  Shower Mom with the gift cards to all of her favorite places!  This could easily include her favorite places to eat, the spa, car wash and her favorite places to shop!  To cut your costs on this gift you could use less gift cards and write notes on some of the flowers!

You could also purchase gift cards at Kroger during the 4X fuel rewards incentive!

Gift Card Flower Bouquet


  • Mason Jar
  • Shredded Raffia (or make your own)
  • Foam (you can pick this up at your local dollar store or craft store)
  • Plastic Sticks or a Plastic Straw
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Cards
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Dots or Double Stick Tape


  • Fill the Mason Jar with Raffia.
  • Cut flower shapes out of the foam (Daisy or Tulips are easy)
  • Attach the flowers to the Plastic Sticks or Plastic Straws with a glue gun
  • Attach the gift cards with glue dots or double stick tape
  • Attach ribbons to the base of the flower
  • Place your gift card flowers into the mason jar
  • Add a gift tag and attach with ribbon

Not only would this make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift, it would also be a terrific Graduation Gift, Teacher’s Gift, Father’s Day Gift, Baby Gift or could be modified with red and green for Christmas Gift.  It would also be a wonderful gift for someone who is recovering from surgery or an extended illness.

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