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Baseboard Cleaning Tip

Baseboard Cleaning Tip

This Baseboard Cleaning Tip might be as simple as getting something from your laundry room. I found this tip on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try to see if it works. I couldn’t believe it, but it does work in my home! All you need is a dryer sheet!!! I used Bounce brand dryer sheets because that is what I have in my laundry room and my stockpile.  On Pinterest it also says to use Bounce so I am not sure if other off brands will work as well or not.

It was simple to do.  After drying my clothes I save the dryer sheets and then use them to go around my house and wipe down the baseboards. It is supposed to help cut down on dust collecting back on them and it does work for me! So save those dryer sheets and see if it helps on your cleaning 🙂

Another great tip is to use the dryer sheets on your swiffer too!  You can use them on both sides to get two uses!  Do you have any great cleaning tips with dryer sheets or to clean your baseboards?

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      1. Stephanie,
        Did I offend someone with my comment about dryer sheet afteruse? I see my comment has been removed?

  1. I’m trying something new, as I pack my off season clothes in the space bags, most specially Winter clothes, I tried Moth balls, PEW! took for ever to get that smell out of the clothes, so I started putting Bounce sheets in between each piece of clothing. It’s a must on the patio to detour the pests that bother you day & night. Putting a sheet under & a bit sticking out of the cushions, under umbrella, under the braces, any where you & guests might be. Believe me, it works!!! Yes they are unused ones. I can’t wait to try it on Base Boards, etc… Thanks for the tips.

    1. I do that too! I add them to my tub of bathing suits at the end of the season and the next season everything smells fresh instead of like rubbermaid storage.

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