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Aldi or Whole Foods – Which is Better?

It’s no secret that Aldi and Whole Foods are at odds with one another. A few years back Aldi was known merely for its cheaper prices than most retail stores, while Whole Foods was big on quality and healthier foods. Aldi decided to close the gap with them by expanding their organic and locally grown brands and have great prices on them. Which is the better grocery store to shop at for your family? You decide.

Aldi or Whole Foods: Which is Better?

No matter what store you choose to shop at, seeking a healthier lifestyle is the goal. The information below may help you learn more about these stores in an effort to make a decision that works best for you and your family.


We are all on a tight budget when it comes to grocery shopping, sometimes shopping at multiple stores to cherry-pick the great deals. Pricing is very important to the consumer, so there is money left over after your grocery shopping experience.

Aldi has always been able to deliver on its pricing and beats out Whole Foods in most food categories. Aldi keeps low pricing with staying away from the leading national brands, focusing more on its private labels. Whole Foods is sometimes nicknamed “whole paycheck” due to the higher quality that comes with higher pricing. Although I will say this, when Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon back in 2017, the pricing gap between the two grocery chains has begun to shrink.


Whole Foods is known for the quality in their organics, locally grown products, and other healthier foods. Customers that shop at Whole Foods know this, and come for these types of foods. This leads to Whole Foods turning this product at a quicker pace, meaning the quality and freshness of their healthy foods are top-notch.

Aldi has great quality in their organic and locally grown products, yet you have to be more careful with the freshness. Many Aldi customers are not necessarily sold on organic and healthier foods like Whole Foods customers, so this product might sit on the shelf a while longer.

Customer Service

So Aldi can stay competitive with their pricing, they sacrifice when it comes to customer service. You might find a stocker out in the store on rare occasions but usually will only see cashiers and a security guard at the front of the store. They also will not bag your groceries for you and will charge you for each bag you use.

It’s more obvious you will get better customer service when shopping with Whole Foods. They have many employees in their stores that can help you when you have a question or are having trouble finding something. You also will not have to bag your own groceries as you will at Aldi.

Quality of the stores

Aldi has spent 5.3 billion dollars to renovate their stores as well as adding new ones that have a better layout than before. If you haven’t been into an Aldi recently, you might be surprised with how nice it looks, especially if you live by one that has been remodeled over the last couple years. Aldi has a much cleaner reputation than they did before.

Whole Foods has hundreds of beautiful stores that have great layouts, nice displays. They definitely value the appearance of their stores from a customer’s perspective.

Which of these two stores do you find the better grocery store to meet your families needs? Which of these points are most important to you to determine which store you shop at?

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