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Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies You Should Buy

It’s already time for Spring Cleaning! This list of Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies You Should Buy is going to be ideal for your Spring cleaning projects. Every year I love tackling those corners and cabinets that get ignored the rest of the year. It makes me feel better knowing I am cleaning up some of the frustrations of the year and having a clean slate for the beautiful weather outside.

20 Cleaning Supplies to Buy at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies You Should Buy

If you don’t already shop at the Dollar Tree, you should look for one in your area. While not all items on the list are available all the time, this really is one of the best places to get affordable cleaning supplies. Check out your local Dollar Tree or order online for the best prices.

Bleach: For $1 you can often get a full one-gallon bottle of bleach at your local Dollar Tree. However, if it is a smaller sized bottle, it may not be worth the $1 price tag. Always compare prices before you make a purchase.

Scrub brushes: The Dollar Tree often has a large variety of scrub brushes that are useful in your cleaning routine. I like the hard bristle brushes for getting at soap buildup in the shower, but they also have great smaller options for use in your kitchen, in tight spaces, or just around your faucets.

Micro-Fiber Cloths: For only $1, you can routinely get a 3 pack of micro-fiber cloth for using in various cleaning projects. My favorite use is for cleaning glass or mirrors. This is a much better price than other brand name options.

Dishwashing Liquid: Routinely I find larger bottles of Ajax or Palmolive in my favorite scents at my local Dollar Tree. Watch for the price per unit on these to make sure it is a good price at the time compared to local value stores.

Toilet Scrub Brushes: For only $1, these are inexpensive enough you can toss them every few months and buy a new one. With boys bathrooms to clean, this is a must for me.

Empty Spray Bottles: I love making a simple vinegar solution with essential oils to clean. The Dollar Tree keeps me in empty spray bottles at a low price for when I need these. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so watch for new stock.

Glade or Renuzit Air Fresheners: These little cone air fresheners are a great inexpensive option for tucking into back closets, basements, or even bathrooms to freshen a room easily.

Arm & Hammer Carpet Powder: With dogs in the house, I know accidents happen sometimes. That’s why I always keep carpet powder on hand, and especially love the Arm & Hammer Pet Odor option I often find for only $1 at my local Dollar Tree.

Lysol Toilet Bowel Cleaner: While it is usually a smaller size, I often find bottles of Lysol brand toilet bowel cleaner at my local Dollar Tree. Even with a smaller bottle, the price per unit is almost always cheaper than I would pay at other stores.

Toilet Bowel Bleach Tablets: We like to drop those little bleach tablets into the back of the toilet to help keep them fresh between cleanings. For only $1, you can often find 2-4 packs that work great.

Pine-Sol: I love that pine fresh scent, and regularly find the brand name at Dollar Tree. However, if the brand name isn’t available, their store brand is just as good and often a larger amount.

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