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20 Kitchen Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

20 Kitchen Tips to make your life easier and save you money!

Here are 20 kitchen tips to help save money and time in the kitchen. Some of these tips you may already know but some may be new to you.  We have tried them ALL.   One of our most popular posts on the blog is Can you FREEZE cream cheese?  This is a great money saving tip and we thought why not share these additional tips with you too!

20 Kitchen Tips:

Parmesan Lid fits on a Ball Canning Jar

How to Slice a Strawberry with an Egg Slicer

How to keep steel wool pads from rusting

How to cut in shortening without a pastry blender

Can You Freeze a Banana?

How to core iceberg lettuce

How To Core An Apple without an Apple Corer

How To Stop Boiling Water with Wooden Spoon – Reader Favorite

How to keep brown sugar from getting hard

Kitchen Tips – Volume Measurements

Ingredient Substitutions

Kitchen Terms

How to slice the perfect egg…easy as 1,2,3

How to make “Hardboiled” Eggs in the Oven

Kitchen Tip – Equivalent Measures

Can you FREEZE cream cheese? Popular Post

How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer – Reader Favorite

How to eliminate onion odor when cooking

Types of Sugar For Baking

How to soak dried beans in the crockpot and freeze them



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  1. These look like great tips! I love hearing tips that really do work for other people.
    A favorite tip that I just tried was grating hard cold butter. I did it over my morning toast, and then it melted enough to spread.

  2. Here’s a faster easier way to cut shortening without using a pastry cutter. Put the flour and shortening in a glass bowl with a tight fitting lid, then just shake up and down until its the consistency you want.

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