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7 Tips To A Fun & Cheap BBQ

Here are 7 Tips To A Fun & Cheap BBQ that is sure to please a crowd and stretch your budget without seeming cheap or skimping on the food. Summer has hit and grilling season is here.

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Dad has pulled out the grill and declared it is time to start inviting friends over for weekend barbecues, but your budget isn’t so sure about it.

7 Tips To A Fun & Cheap BBQ

Skip The Alcohol:  While an ice cold beer may be the preference of many people, alcohol costs add up in no time.  This year make it a sober party with tons of flavored waters and punch.  Slice up lemons, cucumbers, limes and oranges for a bright citrus infused pitcher of water.  Mix together orange juice and cherry or strawberry Kool Aid for a bright and tasty punch.  Last but not least, don’t forget the gallon of perfectly sweet tea.

Create a Hot Dog or Bratwurst Bar:  Grab hot dogs, bratwurst or sausages for less than a steak, chicken or burger would cost.  Pick out regular, wheat, onion and poppyseed buns for a bit of kick.  Offer different fresh or grilled veggies, relish, chili, and all the favorite condiments for a fun spin on a typical barbecue.  Let everyone build their own dog mixing and matching classic flavors to create a new favorite.

Make it a Potluck Event: Provide the main dish of burgers, gods or steaks and ask everyone attending to bring either drinks, sides or a dessert.  Make sure to assign everyone something different so you don’t end up with 12 bowls of potato salad.

Shop The Sales For Sides:  Check the deals on seasonal veggies, fruits or even typical barbecue side items like chips and dip.  Don’t stick with just the favorites.  Go outside your comfort zone and take advantage of the sales for some fun new veggies and sides.

Cook Baked Beans From Scratch:  Instead of buying several cans of the “secret recipe” brand, grab a 1 pound bag of dry great northern beans, a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce and a few pieces of bacon to slow cook your own homemade from scratch version at half the price and tons more flavor.  Toss in some diced onions, bell peppers and minced garlic for an elevated flavor profile.

Skip The Plastic & Use Real Plates & Utensils:  While nobody likes washing a sink full of dishes, the cost of plates, cups and utensils for a barbecue can add up quickly.  Grab what’s in your pantry and promise yourself to just load the dishwasher before bed and not stress the mess or let them soak overnight and have a team effort the next morning.

Be Your Own DJ:  Looking for after dinner entertainment but don’t have the budget for a band?  Create your own mix of fun and upbeat music.  Create a theme of dance music from each decade so there is something for everyone attending.  Go through your CD’s, Amazon, iTunes and more for great tracks you can download and “mix”.

Just because your budget is small you don’t have top skip the fun weekend gatherings with your friends and family.  These 7 Tips To A Fun & Cheap BBQ are so easy to use you won’t even realize you are working on staying in budget.  Not only will you leave room in your budget for other fun summer adventures, you’ll carry on new traditions that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

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  1. You show that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a great bbq. I especially like the team clean up ideas.

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