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Helpful Tips when Cooking with a Crockpot

Helpful Tips when Cooking with a Crockpot. If you didn't know these they will blow your mind!

Here are some great Helpful Tips when Cooking with a Crockpot. As most of you know, I love using my crockpots. I use them for dinner meals, side dishes and even dessert. If I can make a recipe in the slow cooker than I am a happy girl. We are constantly on the go and super busy. Using my crockpot helps save me time in the kitchen that I can spend with my family. Honestly, I haven’t always been good at using my slow cookers and have learned some lessons along the way.

Here are some tips that I hope will help you when using your slow cookers!

Crockpot Tips:

Helpful Tips when Cooking with a Crockpot. If you didn't know these they will blow your mind!

One great tip I have learned is to make foil balls and place in the bottom of your slow cooker when preparing chicken. I love to roast whole chickens in the slow cooker. If you use this method it helps raise the chicken and the bottom will not be soaking in the juices. You can also use this method for turkey breasts, roasts and steaks.

Crockpot Do’s and Don’ts

1) Do not take the lid off unless recipe states to add something. It’s very important to not remove during cooking because the recipes rely on the moisture and heat to cook.

2) If you have never used a crockpot start with a simple recipe such as Crockpot Ranch Porkchops or Easy Crockpot Chicken. If you try to do something more difficult you may get discouraged.

3) When you are using a new crockpot be sure to check on it. Every crockpot cooks different than others. Even someone like me who uses crockpots all the time, I will still check on the recipes about 2 hours before they are suppose to be done to make sure they are not cooking too fast or have hot spots.

4) A lot of recipes do not specify what size crockpot to use. Try to use the best guess. I will usually go with a 5 qt for most recipes if it is not indicated. Look at the recipes and decide how much room you think you will need.

5) Some flavorings such as spices and herbs can lose their flavor if added to early. Try to add these in at the end of the cooking time.

6) Do not let the food cool down in the crockpot, move to containers and let cool. Then, properly store in the refrigerator or freeze.

7) If your power goes out during the day and you have no clue how long your crockpot was out, throw your food out. Do not take the chance of eating it.

8) Do not crowd around your crockpot. Make sure it is away from the wall and nothing is touching the sides. The crockpot gets very hot while heating.

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