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How to Save on Car Rentals on Vacation

How to Save on Car Rentals on Vacation. A rental car is a necessary evil when you fly to your vacation destination. You want to go on vacation, but don’t want to take your own car. You need a car, but don’t want to pay a lot for it. This is where saving on a car rental comes in! There are ways to save on a rental car, you just need to know how!

Tips for Saving on Car Rentals

Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

My goal is always to help you save money. Travel is one area I feel you can enjoy without breaking the bank. You’ll find we have tons of money saving options to help you fit your budget while enjoying the family vacation of your dreams. Start with our list of Best Places to Find Travel Deals to begin saving money on all future vacations.

Book in Advance!

One way to save money on a rental car is to book in advance. This means that you cannot wait until the last minute to book that rental car that you need or want. By booking in advance, you will save money and ensure you actually have a rental car booked for your vacation or destination.

Look Around for the Best Deal

There really isn’t always a rhyme or reason for the deals offered by the rental car companies. Always look around for the best deal, before you hit reserve. You may be looking for a while for the best deal and that’s okay. However, a major tip for saving money on a rental car is looking around for the best deal.

Order a Smaller Car

Do you really need the “larger car?” When you’re renting a vehicle, going for the smaller car is going to save you money every single time. The larger the vehicle, the more expensive the car rental is! Sure, it’s nice to have the larger vehicles to move around in, but the money saving features are in the smaller cars.

Don’t Add Extra Insurance

Unless you like spending money, don’t worry about adding on extra insurance. If you’re renting a vehicle in the USA and have insurance, it works for your rental car too. If you have a personal policy, you don’t have to worry about extra insurance. Sounds good to me!

Say “NO” To the Extras

I know you like the extras that come with rental cars, who doesn’t? However, you will really save money by sticking to the basics. Don’t listen to the salesmen trying to up-sale you. Instead, keep your money saving goals in mind!

It’s easy to save money on rental cars. You simply follow these tips and then apply them to your life, when renting a vehicle. What tips do you have for saving money on rental cars?

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